Crypto Powers Tournaments and Invites the Strong

David Kemp

Gamers all around the world keep track of the latest tournaments. They are excited to see their idols and learn more details about their strategies and tactics. Afterward, they practice and improve their skills and talents. Counter-Strike superstars are proud of having achieved their goals and now their mission is to keep on moving forward. One of the surest ways to stay in shape is for players to participate in various events where they can demonstrate their abilities.

Counter-Strike megastars with fans the number of which exceeds two million will take part in a crypto-powered tournament. At the same time, the event will enable spectators to make bets on the outcome. The system is designed in a way that accepts crypto tokens as a betting currency. This is quite a new approach that may soon become popular.

Esports might appeal to many gamers ad there are a few superstars among those people. What is happening in the gaming community feels and looks interesting to many industries. Tournaments find sponsorships and support. Now it’s Verasity that is going to sponsor the event. This brand is famous as an attention-based platform. The industry uses its products for gaming and video. Also, we can use it for entertainment rewards – the team offers a native token called VRA.

Spectators will have a chance to see Nathan Schmitt. More than that, the tournament will feature Kevin Susanto, one of the greatest Asian players. These people have over two million fans all around the globe. They are well known to those interested in online gaming.

Players of this level have their agents who help them during negotiations. This time the mentioned superstars have signed a long term agreement with the sponsoring company. Verasity takes its business seriously and now the team is in the process of obtaining a gambling license and certification from the authorities in Curaçao.

The Concept of the Token

As experts report, CRA aims to adopt the Basic Attention Token. Its concepts remind of those used by the Brave Browser’s. The official representatives of the company announced that their token has several key advantages that the well-known competitor cannot boast at the moment. First, it is environment agnostic. Second, the content creator receives one hundred present of the revenue.

That would be quite rewarding for the publisher to start work utilizing BAT. The token can help get monetization by those rewards. However, what the company’s team does is totally different. They have nothing to do with any browser. Their principles are also different and make many regular processes simpler and more straightforward. Monetization is easy – any large publication has a player. They just need to install the software and start controlling the monetization.

Some prominent analysts and experts think that Verasity is doing all possible to capitalize on the pandemic – the coronavirus, according to specialists, induced e-gaming boom. Nevertheless, in the nearest few years, the company may expand. Their major interest would be games like chess. The official representatives admit that there are very attracted to basketball and soccer.

Innovative projects and ideas keep appearing now and then. Technologies have entered almost every sphere of our life. As many users can see, now there are large companies that are ready to collaborate with the gaming industry and support participants by providing support and financial aid.