Crypto Scammers Are Sentenced

David Kemp

There are plenty of other schemes that cyber criminals employ to cheat victims and make them believe that they are dealing with trustworthy individuals. Luckily, the press informs the public about cases when law enforcement manages to prevent crimes committed in the crypto market. Authorities identify and detect cybercriminals. Besides, we cannot underestimate the efforts made by cybersecurity companies who have all the necessary instruments to catch scammers.

Recently, official representatives confirmed that they managed to identify another scammer, and now the cybercriminal will have to face up to ten years in jail. He is accused by the police of running two crypto scams. As we can now see, the alleged crypto scam websites are still intact.

Security regulators based in the USA have finally detected another batch linked to scams performed across the crypto industry. Last week, one of the participants found it necessary toenter an order against two alleged scam schemes related to cryptocurrencies.

Many users know them as PEK Universe and Forex Birds. According to the latest data, the main operator of the scam is Eric Balusek. There were a few other scammers participating in criminal activities. Authorities note that the group was operating abroad and thenames of the cyber scammers were revealed a few days ago.

Schemes Used to Mislead Investors

Police officers state that the mentioned criminals are accused of fraudulent securities offerings. All of the elements are tied to cryptocurrencies along with foreign exchange. Victims announce that the respondents promised them earning of up to eleven percent, with deposits of up to one million USD. At the same time, the scheme was used to mislead investors – the attackers claimed to be certified and approved by several trusted authorities across the EU and Australia.

PEK Universe is considered to be a promoter of crypto programs. This scheme was used to mislead people by promising to gain daily profits – up to about two percent every single day for thirty days. Both schemes had no registration and had no rights to deal in securities in the USA.

In one of the official orders, it is indicated that the cybercriminals have to face a ten-thousand-USD fine or two to ten years in jail or even both. Also, the scammers must request a hearing with the court before the end of this month. Right now, it is said that the websites the criminals were operating on are still intact.

Representatives of the Securities Board confirm that their organization is the most active institution of regulators in the USA and they focus on the crypto industry. More than that, this body is known as the major state securities regulator across the country. Three months ago, officials shut down a crypto scam consisting of several levels operating from South Africa.