Crypto World Reports Shocking News

David Kemp

Bitcoin is now sitting around seven thousand USD. And that’s the statistics after the previous period when the currency rose 10%. The saddest part is that has recently reported terrible news. You may have heard of Candor – a site that reports on the number of people who lost their jobs to COVID-19. They announced that Roger Ver is about to ask almost 50% of the company’s employees to leave them.

Jamie Dimon used to be more dismissive than his colleagues. He has finally praised the decision made by the federal government. He thinks that the stimulus package of two trillion USD may be the best option right now. He seems to be willing to dismiss its planning due to the virus. He also declared that the country could be soon forced to cope with a new recession.

Richard B. Levin, working as a fintech attorney, is more than sure that the suit will keep moving forward. BitMEX is one of the companies that are hoping that those who are making the final decision will be in a dismissive mood. The same hopes come from Tron and Binance. The mentioned companies have faced a lawsuit. The problem is that there are suspicions that the tokens they traded were unregistered securities. The court has put off the sentencing of another crypto fraudster (Konstantin Ignatov). The latter is Ruja Ignatova’s brother. The two are co-founders of OneCoin – a crypto scam scheme by means of which the Ignatovs raised approximately four and a half bullion USD. Ignatov is now cooperating with the authorities, after he has pleaded guilty.

Government Makes Decisions

On the other hand, the government itself might find blockchain technology quite useful. Top audit institutions in the USA are readily advertising two jobs developing prototype blockchain applications. They hope that the applications will help create a digital financial ledger. The federal government will definitely need support. Chime is the digital bank that is looking forward to assisting the authorities. In this case people will receive their stimulus checks much sooner. Chime is ready to transfer the $1,200 payments to a thousand customers. The individuals will be selected in a random way. The bank hopes that they will also be able to perform the same sort of transfers to more than eight million people.

Ethereum’s representatives have made BTC predictions after having picked their worst bull. Some predictions are truly terrible. One of them is John McAfee’s prognosis of million-dollar valuation that is foreseen by the end of this year. Economists do not even doubt that Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that are heading for total zero.

Improved Safety and Security

The role that blockchain technology plays may be quite different. Predictions that experts make are positive. Companies are discussing security issues and believe that blockchain may give them the answer.

The news cannot make criminals happy. Russian authorities have lately arrested online fraudsters and accused them of trading fake rubles for crypto. The ecosystem is gaining its strength at last. There are hundreds of firms all around the globe that keep closing – most of them are operated by scammers while others use inappropriate business models.

Christensen has also been mentioning the crisis that MakerDAO has been going through. He strongly believes that the Maker Foundation is responsible for meeting the community’s requirements rather than creating rules. Luckily, there is good news, too. can offer a credit card fee of 3.5% for those who purchase crypto for 3 months.