Cryptocurrency bounty programs. Where to search and how to use?

Endy Callahan

Bounty programs offer great opportunities for receiving free cryptocurrencies. For example, the Ethereum startup paid 2000 coins for simple tasks. At today's rate, it is 400 thousand dollars. Therefore, it makes sense to spend some time and get coins with the prospect of a price increase. 

Where to find suitable bounty programs? 

There are a number of good sources that publish information on suitable bounty programs. The most popular of these are the following:

  • BitcoinTalk. The most popular resource. It is best to start the search for the program with it.
  • Bounty-ICO. The service provides a lot of useful information. It allows you to subscribe to the e-mail newsletter and receive information about the most current offers. 
  • Medium. On this resource, ICO project organizers post information for searching  and attracting investors.

How to use bounty programs?

After registering in the service, you can get to work. It may involve the following areas:

  • Social networks. A user may like, repost, retweet, comment or else to get tokens.
  • Translation of texts. Developers can pay remuneration for translating materials into other languages.
  • Advertising Campaign. To participate in them on specialized forums, you should publish posts, comment on other public posts, set the name of the company on your profile picture, etc.
  • Posting videos to YouTube.
  • Platform and software development.
  • Emailing materials.
  • Writing articles on thematic web-resources.
  • Looking for bugs in smart contracts and software.
  • Logo design and landing.

When participating in a bounty campaign, you need to remember that there is no guarantee that the startup will be successful. Therefore, it is better to spend time to find programs with great potential. You can read more about such events in the article: What is a Bounty ICO?

How to find a worthy bounty campaign?

To find a suitable project, it is important to consider such factors:

  • Startup team reputation. To do this, you can read about the project on Bitcointalk or another thematic resource. It is better to not rely completely on the official website of the company.
  • Type of payment. It can be interest or fixed. This point needs to be considered at the initial stage, since in the end, the reward may turn out to be unexpectedly small.
  • Setting the task. The accuracy of writing technical specifications will determine the quality of its implementation and payment.
  • The amount of investment. Softcap and hardcap must be considered. Sometimes organizers set huge amounts; they are not even required by a startup. Pay special attention to collection in the early days. With investments of less than $ 100 thousand, bounty participants receive cents, and sometimes their share is worth nothing at all.
  • Number of startup participants. Sometimes startup owners set a strictly specified number of bounty participants or do not use any restrictions. Be that as it may, it is important to realize: with the increase in the number of people, the size of the investments necessary for good pay is increased.
  • Third -party validator. If the project has a trustee, we can conclude that its authors are serious about achieving success.

Finding a decent bounty program is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. However, such efforts are worth it. Such campaigns will allow you to participate in their business for free, and if successful, get a decent reward. Try to find a reliable project and take a few tens of minutes to earn coins in it.