Cryptocurrency exchange Binance develops together with TravelbyBit a debit card with support for cryptocurrencies

Endy Callahan

The TravelbyBit ticketing system has become a partner of the largest Bitcoin-crypto exchange Binance. As a result of their cooperation, work to issue a card that supports digital money is being under development.

What is a new ATM card?

TravelbyBit company offers to issue a prepaid plastic card, providing access to great offers in the field of tourism. To replenish it, you can use various cryptocurrencies, among them BNB, Ontology, Binance USD. A replenished deposit can be used to book a hotel room or a plane ticket in Expedia,, Agoda, and Ctrip.

It is expected that the card will become available for registration at the beginning of 2020. Initially, it will be able to get Europeans, Australians and residents of Southeast Asia. Over time, it is planned to expand the list of regions that can issue a map. Those who wish can already join the waiting list.

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance also announced the upcoming airdrop of the Bancor token (BNT) for $ 1,600 thousand.

On January 1 of next year, a snapshot of the balances on the cryptocurrency exchange will be made. Users will receive 10% of the total value of BNT, charges will be made in USD.

Norwegian airline Norweigan Air, which is the second largest in the country, has announced the launch of airline ticketing services for bitcoin. The company plans to open a cryptographic currency exchange.

Binance Extends Fiat Money Support

Changpeng Zhao, who holds the position of Binance CEO, spoke about the main goals that have been set for the nearest months. One of the key is the integration of the remaining 180 national funds into the cryptocurrency exchange trading platform.

As of today, Binance uses Euro, Russian Ruble, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Nigerian Naira and Kazakhstan Tenge. In the article “Binance Exchange” you can read more about the features of the cryptographic trading platform, its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Mr. Zhao said in his speech: “Over the next six months or 9 months, I want to introduce the remaining 180 fiat currencies into our cryptocurrency exchange.”

Top manager spoke about the upcoming improvements in customer service site. He said that at the moment the support service answers customer questions no longer than 1 day. In the future, the maximum waiting period for assistance will be reduced to 1 hour.

TravelbyBit - an advanced platform for “cryptocurrency” tourism

Queensland (Australia) authorities announced a grant to launch the TravelbyBit cryptocurrency startup. It is one of 70 organizations that will be allocated funds for innovation. Now we are talking about 8.3 million dollars. A total of $ 650 million will be provided to all program participants.

Authorities point out the large role and ability of TravelbyBit to attract tourists to Central Queensland. The government noted: “In Queensland, tourism is a key area. TravelbyBit will allow guests of Australia to easily pay with cryptocurrencies. In modern conditions, this is relevant, because in our country the number of companies that accept payment in digital money is constantly increasing”.

TravelbyBit provides an opportunity for companies to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Xem, Dash, Litecoin from around the world. In the future, it is planned to introduce BNB. CEO Caleb Yeo said that over 150 traders from Australia already use the platform.

Due to TravelbyBit's work, it will be possible to scale up the activities of a startup and open up new jobs, as well as draw on valuable experience in other areas of life.

TravelbyBit develops services in Australia: Dash's presence in the country has grown

TravelbyBit is currently actively working on the integration of Dash in Australia. The general director and co-founder of the service said that now more than 200 organizations are partners of the company. Almost daily, their number increases. According to his words, in every major community and state of Australia there are such companies. In addition, collaborating businesses are launched in New Zealand. A powerful cryptocurrency center has appeared in the cities of Agnes Water and Town of 1770, at the moment Dash is fully implemented in it.

Mr. Yeo pointed out: “The towns of Town of 1770 and Agnes Water are highly interested in digital tourists. They draw attention with a cool surf beach and a large barrier reef. It is difficult for small businesses to use an expensive POS system to process classic payments. TravelbyBit has many advantages:

  • Price affordability
  • No need to use additional equipment
  • Easy to install and operate

Therefore, for cooperation, it is enough for sellers to have a smartphone or a tablet computer”.

According to TOP manager, more than half of all company devices support Dash. In turn, the cryptocurrency community provides financial support to promote this integration.

Many are interested in the question: why the choice fell on Dash. Yeo said: “Official system wallets have many advantages, they are convenient to use.”

TravelbyBit booking service is actively developing and trying to focus on the latest trends in order to keep up with the times. The possibility of using cryptocurrencies in payment increases the convenience of cooperation with those who pay with digital money. Undoubtedly, integration with Dash and other cryptocurrencies will help the service develop dynamically. If you plan to travel, do not rush to use exchangers to sell your cryptocurrency and buy fiat money. Use the services of TravelbyBit. So you do not have to pay a commission and spend extra time.