Cryptocurrency in popular culture

David Kemp

Bitcoin has been around only for 10 years or so, which is strange, taking into account its well-designed pervasion into our daily lives. The majority has been holding on for a while now and nowadays it permeates many parts of our everyday lives – even the movies, TV shows and we see. It is not seen as “secretive, anti-conformist” money only appealing to lawbreakers and money launderers anymore.

 The influence of mainstream culture to affect communal opinion is unbelievable. As digital asset’s mass adoption keeps on rising, these BTC mentions in current culture have definitely ignited dialog among individuals who may have never heard about it in other ways.

 We examined through the records and observed at the globe’s most adored movies and TV shows to detect all the Bitcoin-related mentions we could. It hopefully will lift your feelings! Let’s have a look at the lots of references to Bitcoin. Have you watched any yet?

The Simpsons

A character that is apparently a big crypto fan in this longest animated TV show worldwide – Homer and the band have displayed their responsiveness to crypto a few times.

Episode 7, Season 25: Yellow Subterfuge

Lisa goes into Krusty the Klown and asks if he’s penniless. He replies, “Yeah, and all that takes is certainly bad luck at the ponies, poorer luck in the BTC market, and substantial share in a larger bookmark firm.” He leaped back and was igniting cigars with cash once more in no time, however. Perhaps he HODLed.

Episode 1Season 26: Clown in the Dumps

In this part of the cartoon, infamous high school aggressor, Corky James “Jimbo” Jones is visualized along with a speech bubble saying: “send me your lunch cash online!” and at the lowest part of the billboard in capital letters. “ACCEPTING BITCOIN”

 Not essentially the finest use case, but nice to see even bullying at school moving in line with the times. Demonstrates anybody can use BTC too.

 This episode was welcomed with open arms by the digital community. In this way it was indicating that it is very possible in a long history of forecasts they get right.


Hit series Startup shows a group of folks gathered together with a shared goal of working on the development of the digital currency. From the beginning, their story is spoiled by unlawful undertones as the seed cash used to launch the business is deceitfully acquired. The majority of the crypto references through the series are precise, thanks to Brian Stoeckert, a fintech specialist’s consultations.

He said in a talk with CNBC that society has heard about virtual assets, but they don’t actually know how it works. This is a technique they can track a storyline and get an exclusive perspective on it.”

This show offers a thought-provoking gaze on the crypto- world with numerous other action-driven scenarios simultaneously occupied.

Family Guy

Peter Griffin hears from Lois Griffin: “Every month our funds get lesser and lesser. We’ve surely got to work out a better manner to make a financial plan for this family’s prospect.” Peter replies: “Bitcoin!” Then Lois answers “what?” Peter answers: “I don’t know.”

To the extent that mentions go neutral, but does express perceptions of BTC as a secure asset.


The 2019 movie focuses on the life of Martin Duran “Marty,” an anti-money laundering (AML) specialist. After creating a report that a prospective customer is breaking AML guidelines, he virtually gets sacked but is in its place lowered to a minor branch in his homeland outside of the large city.

After a reunion with a childhood pal who has grown into a computer geek, staying afloat by hashing tokens, they begin exploring (hacking) banks to discover other immoral AML transactions.

The film has got “crypto” in the name, yet, so there’s one argument for that.

Horrible Bosses 2

Crypto leader gets another fame shootout when alleged hitman, Jamie Foxx declares that via Bitcoin he could make an “undetectable” purchase of mobile phones. The illustration implies one of the extensively widespread delusions that Bitcoin acquisitions are unspecified, and used for illegal trades elsewhere.


Perhaps one of the most understated BTC mentions occurs in the Marvel blockbuster. In the top left-hand corner at the bar Wade Wilson visits, A BTC sticker is hardly noticeable, kept by a mate. This is an aspect of daily life.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Here’s one Marvel movie we like even more as it features BTC. A news display on the gags about Bitcoin’s instability with a copy: “BTC hits new high!” Moreover “Bitcoin hits new low!” following one another.

Mr. Robot

In the prized show’s second season, a hacker Elliot Alderson generates his own digital currency “mixer.”

In actual life, users intending to upsurge their digital-privacy have willingly adopted a Bitcoin mixer, CoinJoin, so its referral in Mr. Robot seems rather timely.