Dash developers named the timing of full network testing

Judy Rubio

The release of Dash Evolution was somewhat delayed. In early December, a special event, during which they reported details of the upgrade test network Evonet. The event will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What to expect from the Dash Evolution implementation?

At the presentation, participants learned the details of how the platform and crypto wallets work directly with Dashpay. The event touched on such topics as the update, as well as testing opportunities for customers. 

Dash Core announced the release of the premium Evolution update, but the implementation dates were postponed many times. Originally the update should be launched in 2018.

At first, it was predicted that Evolution would become a decentralized payment system that targets a wide range of consumers. After that, adjustments were made to the concept. As a result, the Dash Platform was formed, which acted as a technology stack for creating decentralized software. 

The key parameters will be:

  • Identities - defining programs and clients
  • DAPI –  is an API application that is designed to send requests to the service and does not have a binding to the center
  • Drive – is database for generating queries and placing information in the database
  • Platform Name Service – is a service for domain names

Ivan Shumkov, who is one of the creators of Dash Core, said that in the future the company will develop a Protocol for communication between customers and the software, rules for accessing Drive information and payment requests. To support their operation, Dash Platform will use masternodes. Shumkov believes that this solution is extremely scalable in comparison with the Dash network. This is due to the great economic stimulus that masternodes have to provide quality service.

Dash announced the release date of the Dash Evolution update

The Dash cryptocurrency has unveiled a new roadmap. It indicates a possible release date for Evolution AND other project plans for the years ahead. Dash is one of the most successful altcoins to date. In the article "What is altcoin?” the features of such cryptocurrencies are considered.

The document can be found on the official Dash website. It presents the main stages of the Evolution project. The developers note that the decentralized payment system is completely secure, it can be used from anywhere in the world from any device, it is friendly to sellers and consumers of services, and the commission for instant payments is much lower in comparison with competing payment methods.

The first release of Evolution was planned for the end of 2017, and it was supposed to be available to business partners. The next step is to launch a specific set of functions. The final release was due in June 2018.

Andy Freer, who is the technical Director of Dash Core, noted, "Dash Evolution intends to radically change the use of critobulus. The purpose of the updating is to eliminate the barriers that exist to their adoption before consumers and merchants. All users of any nationality, level of technical literacy, education and age will be able to use the cryptocurrency daily for almost all purposes."

Evolution will somewhat resemble the Venmo and PayPal payment systems, but the update will have full decentralization. As a result, the user will be able to control their funds.

Mr. Frier noted, "Evolution will be very cheap, there will be no restrictions and commissions when transferring funds abroad. Cutting-edge innovations in payments are accelerating. Dash may have the opportunity to become the first project that can bring cryptocurrency to a mass audience."

Dash developers intend to achieve high transaction volumes at physical points of sale along with online payments. For implementation, masternodes of the Proof of Service type will be used, as well as chips that process requests at a higher speed compared to standard computing platforms. Evan Duffield and Andy Frient will be the heads of this division.

It is expected that the planned plans will be implemented in the coming year. Then the hardware for masternodes will be used using individual chips.

Ryan Taylor, who heads Dash Core, noted, "We are happy to inform the world about our prospects. The community of our cryptocurrency is trying to rethink money and how it works in order to create a world of freedom and unlimited financial opportunities. The user only needs to have a smartphone to use a convenient and functional cryptocurrency."

Key features of the Dash coin

Dash is a peer-to-peer payment system that uses coins with the same name. It was created in early 2014. Then the coin was called XCoin, in the spring of 2015 its name was changed to Darkcoin.

Important features of the Dash coin are anonymization of operations, as well as the use of masternodes. The reward for network maintenance is divided between miners in equal parts. A deposit of 1000 coins is required to start the masternode. In this case, it is guaranteed that the user will not be hostile to the network. Dash users can use the InstantSend mechanism, which allows instant payments with a higher commission. To evaluate such transactions, quorums are used, which include 10 masternodes. They determine whether the merits of the transfer confirmation or it should be rejected.

Dash did not refuse to update Dash Evolution, the company intends to actively develop it. If successful, the cost of coins will jump sharply. Savvy investors are buying them for their cryptocurrency portfolios, following the risk management. Perhaps you will decide to buy some coins. Including for the formation of masternodes.