Deadliest Day Urges Pentagon to Seek Body Bags

David Kemp

The Pentagon is now seeking more than one hundred thousand body bags. COVID-19 death cases have never been as high. There are thousands of fatalities and all those deaths occurred and were recorded in one day only. March 2 has so far been the deadliest day since the first coronavirus case was recorded.

The government is starting to hand out over one hundred thousand body bags as morgues and hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19 fatalities. The country has broken its daily mortality record once again – now the number of deaths surpasses five thousand.

The Defense Department takes part in the distribution of the military-style pouches made for human remains. They will be taken from a stockpile of fifty thousand units and transported to FEMA. In turn, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will keep trying to purchase even more body bags. The news was announced through all major media outlets on April 1.

Pentagon and FEMA Cooperation

The request made by the representatives of FEMA reached the government. The Pentagon admits that the country experiences the heaviest COVID-19 outbreak and the number of fatalities keeps accelerating. The situation is serious and the virus has affected all states. Every 24 hours statistics show thousands of new fatalities breaking all nationwide records. It was also reported that there were 25,000 newly diagnosed individuals. On April 1 there were 215,000 infected people in the country while 24 hours later, on April 2, the number increased up to 235,000 cases. Statistics are recorded and reported by Johns Hopkins University.

The Defense Logistics Agency’s Troop Support unit has recently got in touch with manufacturers to find out whether they can produce military-style body bags in a short period of time. The order hasn’t been placed yet, however, the number of fatalities makes the authorities believe that hundreds of body bags might be needed.

Efforts have already been coordinated by the Pentagon and FEMA. New York State has experienced the hardest hit. Hospitals report over 80,000 cases and around 2,300 fatalities. The military are now responsible for dispatching a mortuary services team to the city.

Support from US Navy

The US Navy has been ordered to deploy tens of medical vessels to Los Angeles and New York. Their equipment and staff are needed to treat non-coronavirus cases in order to make hospitals available for COVID-19 patients.

The White House has analyzed the situation and modeled the possible outcome. According to experts, the epidemic may take away lives of over 240,000 US citizens. This number could be twice as low if all necessary measures are taken and applied in due time. If all appropriate steps are taken before it’s too late, the country may expect to save lives of thousands of Americans.

Over 215,000 infected individuals have been detected so far. More than 5,000 COVID patients have died and what specialists predict in the nearest few weeks seems to be rather bleak. Without the effort that the US Army makes to help the nation survive, it would be much harder for doctors to cope with the issue.

The government fully understands how serious the situation is. Trying to flatten the virus peak it is extremely important to take preventative measures that won’t let the coronavirus spread further. All those who haven’t been diagnosed with the virus are urged to self-isolate and stay away from public places, avoid crowds and keep safe distance from other individuals.