Different Options for European Customers

Annabella Cornelly

Bitstamp is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the community and it has been catering to clients for quite some time. Participants regard this platform as a reliable and trustworthy provider. In its turn, Bitstamp has been keeping growing, developing, and improving its services and their quality to meet all people’s requirements.

Demands are growing and many clients expect to be fully able to find the right spectrum of alternatives while using this provider’s platform. As many mass media outlets have recently announced, the company confirms the migration of clients whose major location is based in Europe.

Being thelargest as well as the oldest cryprocurrency platform servicing people around the globe, Bitstamp is going to relocate its existing clients residing in the European Union – executives report that they intend to move them from the U.K. in the nearest future. Official representatives state that they find it necessary to start migrating the accounts of all the clients based in the United Kingdom. From now on, all these individuals will be placed in Bitstamp Europe SA.

As we know, the organization is headquartered in Luxembourg. At the same time, developers gave their reason for moving people from Bitstamp Ltd. entity to the entity basing in Luxembourg. Professionals believe that the brand’s team is willing to do this in the nearest future. However, this plan has been in process for quite some time and their decision to take this serious step was not spontaneously made.

On top, official representatives of the company highlight that the upcoming migration of numerous accounts will not require any relocation. The same applies to change in offices. They do not intend to adjust their staff or operations. Bitstamp hasn’t yet confirmed whether the company has already planned to release a public statement. The press and journalists express their interest in the reported relocation and expect to find out more detailed information from the very source.

Some Basic Details Regarding Relocation

Crypto market analysts have known the company for the past nine years and it has proved to be an efficient and very productive crypto community team member. There are thousands of clients who have been using the company’s services since the day it was presented to the public. Of course, throughout the past years, the brand’s executives have made plenty of changes and implemented different instruments to make their services even more beneficial for all parties.

Account migration, as many users think, is one of the recent changes that the team finds essential for further development and improvement. Many participants know this exchange as the first platform supporting transactions in several cryptocurrencies. Representatives mention that the firm’s arm is based in London – it was opened eight years ago. All those willing to learnmore about its history and progress of the brand should refer to the sources they can find on the official website of the firm as well as many other websites placing relevant information.

Another branch is now founded in Luxembourg. It has existed for the past four years. According to experts, the brand is certified and approved. Its activities are licensed and the company can cater to customers residing across the European continent. There are several opinions as to why the team is planning to relocate accounts. One of them might be related to Brexit.

The country was officially withdrawn from the EC over half a year ago. Since then, officials have been intensively trying to agree on the facilitation of trade activities between the EU and the U.K. Unfortunately, some prominentspecialists feel doubtful claiming that the country is unlikely to make good deals – they mostly blame the local government for being unreasonable. There has been too much time wasted in vain, according to many experts.