Direct Crypto Purchases for UK Opera Users

Judy Rubio

Opera is one of the most popular and commonly employed browsers. It can boast a whole range of different special features and tools. All of its instruments help users make the platform and the engine itself even more efficient and productive. From now on, according to many news sources, users residing in the UK and opting for Opera will be able to perform all sorts of purchases directly through their bank accounts. This also includes a banking application known to customers as Revolut.

Opera is said to keep on its expansion over its integration of cryptocurrency. The team is trying to achieve it by making some certain changes and adjustments. First, the developers introduced this kind of innovativeservice to U.S. customers. They also successfully presented it to a number ofEuropean regions a few months ago.

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Nowadays the popular browser can provide various crypto purchases in the United Kingdom thanks to a partnership and close collaboration with Ramp, a well-known crypto processor. Being direct to the source is one of the main principles and missions in this solution. On Friday, several news agencies announced that the implementation of European Open Banking APIs is step number one.

Next, the team will enable low-fee top-ups through users’ bank accounts and will apply the same procedure to those who give preference to the digital banking app, Revolut. Charles Hamel, who has worked as Head of crypto at the browser, claims that in the very beginning, all customers based in the UK will be allowed to carry out purchases of ETH. Their further steps involve a few other cryptocurrencies.

Looking back for Details

The very first crypto wallet that the popular browser launched came into existence two years ago. Back then, the service launched features and tools for several cryptocurrencies. This list includes BTC as well as ETH. Users could also employ ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens. That mainly meant the team could largely cover the majority of the top one hundred digital assets.

According to the latest statistics, the browser’s crypto wallet caters to more than one hundred and seventy thousand users who require their services on a monthly basis. Opera has successfully become the first browser with traditional features that went crypto a couple of years ago. Android users could enjoy the benefits of the first crypto wallet in 2018. Since then, the browser has been actively working on the developments related to crypto.

Since March, Opera has been regarded as the first browser that managed to enable access to web pages that were decentralized. This became possible thanks to the collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, a leading operator that established a partnership with Tim Draper. Not so long ago, the browser’s team found it useful to launch new crypto wallets for U.S. users who deal with ETH and BTC. The population can perform direct purchases through debit cards.

Also, they can do it with Apple Pay. The company has been long collaborating with Ledge Capital, a strong tech company that helps the developers to explore potential applications based on blockchain – such products can be used by Opera users and make their daily transactions more convenient and fast.