Donald Trump’s Advice for Treasury Secretary

Colin Baseman

President Donald Trump is famous for his extravagant behavior. His way of thinking confuses some and provokes aggression in others. Trump must be aware of the latest events and professionals cannot deny the fact that he is interested in the latest inventions as well as modern technologies. The crypto community has always known what sort of opinion the President supports and what he thinks about Bitcoin.

Trump used to be of a very negative opinion about the cryptocurrency just a couple of years ago. In 2018, one could see plenty of discussions on Twitter where people were arguing and trying to predict what next step the president may take and what his decision would be.

Fortunately, times are changing. And so are people. Two years ago Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the crypto market. His regulatory level was rather demanding and unreasonably strict. His advisors must have introduced the entire crypto world and its approach in a different light; hence the president’s reaction was too negative.

More than that, the crypto industry still remembers the days when Trump discussed trade sanctions and applied different tariffs against China two years ago. He has done it several times already and his dislike of the crypto is obvious. Trump kept on arguing on Twitter and during his conversations users noticed that he does not trust in the cryptocurrency since he does not regard it as money. He often attacked Libra and called it unreliable and weak. At the same time, the crypto market has been expanding. The number of participants has been steadily growing. All this proves that cryptocurrencies are as serious as fiat money and it’s high time our society did thorough research and analysis to see all advantages of blockchain technology, its models, and freshly established patterns.

Where Backing up Came From

The Treasury Secretary was one of the people who backed the president’s position. According to the official representatives, most politicians do not believe that cryptocurrencies are beneficial or useful. They said that all of them are created for money laundering only.

Four months ago, advisors announced that the crypto community should expect new requirements. They will significantly influence the crypto industry and how it functions. The president is planning to involve law enforcement organizations to make the community a safer and more secure arena. His main mission is to protect participants and prevent money laundering across the country.

Changing Directions

Some consider Donald Trump a person who can instantly change his viewpoint and opinion. No one can predict his further actions or steps. His mercurial nature made Trump take serious decisions without too much discussion or advice. The cryptocurrency world expects to be listened to.

Traders and sellers wish to let the country know what opportunities they can offer to the public and how the USA can benefit from their offers. In the latest reports, we can see that politicians are changing their minds regarding the cryptocurrency. They seem to be ready and willing to find out more about new alternatives and innovative approaches. Bitcoin, according to market analysts, is a currency that is hardly manipulatable. It is independent enough and the entire system is more advanced than less informed people may imagine.