Dramatic P2P Trade in India

Annabella Cornelly

India has always been one of the countries that are willing and ready to adopt some of the latest approaches to boost up the speed of the improvements and developments in various spheres as well as industries. Leading crypto analysts announce that nowadays India can boast to lead P2P volume records while many other markets keep emerging and evolving.

A great number of markets can feel proud of the dramatic growth in the P2P trade. It’s interesting to mention that the most enormous growth this year the crypto community witnesses occurred in India as well as Ghana. Several emerging sectors have managed to establish new heights and their records for weekly peer-to-peer BTC trading are stunning.

Besides the mentioned three countries we can see Mexico and Egypt. The list includes the Philippines. Also, there is a lot of great change and movement in Argentina. All this data is shown and published by sources likeUseful Tulips. The country that comprises the strongest market is India and this is where many experts expect to see a new record for trade activities, with over three million USD worth of crypto trading hands throughout the previous week. 


At the same time, the country’s P2P markets started to gain impressive momentum a few months ago and the tendency is still visible. Now Indian volume seems to be beating out its all-time high three years ago. Back then, it was almost three million USD and last month the figures crossed that sum. India, as we can see, is not the only area where great transformations have been lately occurring. The Asian continent is full of regions that take pride in their significant achievements and results.

P2P Markets in African Countries Gain Strength

Of course, the African continent keeps up with the rest of the world and a lot of important changes are happening in African countries, too. For instance, the crypto industry cannot ignore the fact that the surging volume has influenced the P2P markets in Nigeria.

However, there is a minor retracement that occurred last week and today it is one hundred thousand USD lower than it previously was. Nigeria is gaining strength and is likely to surpass all other regions by volume in 2020. Professionals note that Kenya and Ghana can be regarded as the 2nd and 3rd strongest territories in the African continent by volume this year.

We now see that Ghana has reached its new records with over one million USD worth of crypto changing hands for the past two weeks. Argentina is another country that has doubled trade in July. The past three weeks have been exceptionally productive and the market announces that their activity is twice as intensive. Last month they posted a record of five hundred and eighty-five thousand USD.

On the other hand, this month the figures are even more impressive, with eight hundred and thirty thousand USD in trade. Experts also mention the Philippines with the P2P trade that is ten times as strong as it was in January. Data suggests that trade activity across the country has greatly spiked in the past few months. There, the overall trade nowadays exceeds one million USD.

More than that, we should mention that volume consistency has been remaining above five hundred thousand USD since the very beginning of May. Finally, Egypt is another region that has witnessed an increase. According to the statistics, the country posted P2P activity with more than seven hundred USD in trade volume.