Effective investments: the best blockchain-startups of 2019

Endy Callahan

Investors are attracted to ICOs because of their big popularity, and, of course, chances of getting high profits in return for their investments (read more in the article "Investments in ICO"). Tokens serve as a digital analogue of shares. What are the most promising projects this year?

The best blockchain-startups of 2019

  • ChainZilla. Blockchain has attracted the interest of many developers and firms in recent years. It opens a wide range of profitable opportunities for earnings. ChainZilla project aimed at the realization of such goals. The platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end service, it offers tools to create and run its blockchain, dapp and allows ICO.
  • SaTT. The project aims to protect the integrity of data, including online advertising. The network operation is based on the use of smart-contracts. Its purpose is to protect advertising from interruptions and hacks. As a result, consumers will not have to view misleading links and information.
  • DecentraX.The project uses DCX Minimaster chips, which increase the efficiency of processing hashing algorithms. As a result,the TPS figure exceeds 1 million. The platform is aimed at eliminating one of the key problems of many blockchain systems-scalability.
  • BBXC Bluebelt.The aim of the project is to open a number of stock exchanges in the Asian territory and cover the market of $ 4.46 billion. It has every chance to succeed if the platforms become secure and increase liquidity. Now Asia is the leading territory in the field of mining and cryptocurrencies.
  • Doctor Smart.Databases of clinics in different countries of the world are suffering from attacks from time to time. The project is designed to provide centralized and secure storage of medical information, it provides patients with the opportunity to manage personal information.

Things to keep in mind when investing in blockchain-startups

There are many reasons to invest in ICO-projects. Their key advantages are the following:

  • The ability to buy tokens in the initial stages at a lower price than in the future.
  • Variety of blockchain projects. Blockchain technology is used not only in cryptocurrencies, but also in other areas. Everyone can find a startup corresponding to their needs and interests.
  • No paper problems, as is the case with stocks. You just need to buy tokens and wait for them to become more expensive. You can read about it in the article "Tokenization".

However, the attitude towards ICO as a way to quickly make money is a path to losing money. Do not expect becoming a millionaire just because of some post on the crypto forum or even worse - some passionate speeches of the ICO founder. Take it all with a pinch of salt. This is still a young and volatile market.

There are a lot of interesting and promising projects. Therefore not putting all your eggs in one basket would be the smartest decision. Better to start investing with a small amount. You may increase investments and create an investment portfolio once you gain some experience and start feeling confident in the area.