European Countries’ Obsession with Bitcoin

David Kemp

People feel intrigued and they do want to see what the Bitcoin halving is going to bring them. The great event is only one week away.

Analysts and all those who deal with Bitcoin keep predicting the outcomes – this is what keeps peoples’ minds so busy.

It seems that the most obsessed participants are European residents, and specially the central and western parts of the continent. Bitcoin is the currency that many nations have been using for quite some time while others, who do not yet use it will, hopefully, soon join the team.

The Event Is Around the Corner

Major exchanges trust Cointelegraph – that’s the most trustworthy source of information. Recently, the site has made a report on search interest and how it translates into adoption through channels. What makes analysts suspicious is the tremendous increase in purchasing volumes starting from the last decade of March.

Here is the list of top five European countries whose interest in BTC has lately been especially great:


The country has always been curious about BTC. In the past two weeks, it has been actively searching for information related to the cryptocurrency.

Austria is an EU member. Nevertheless, it willingly accepts BTC, which makes the nation stand out from the rest.

Vienna is the capital city and, more than that, it is now a place for dedicated BTC entities. This includes a BTC bank, which has been functioning for the past three years. There, one can also find House of Nakamoto, the well-known info hub.


The country is far ahead and is digitally well-informed. The policy there is tolerant and loyal enough. At the same time, the government should still expand the space and make it even more welcoming for BTC.

Some participants find the scheme and the process rather complicated. Despite this, people are looking forward to the events occurring in the crypto industry.


This is the place where you can see some of the most dedicated BTC users and fans. The country boasts a Bitcoin monument as well as Bitstamp exchange.

The nation uses the fiat currency called Kruna. Their money seems to have strong positions and looks more appealing than the currencies of the neighboring countries. In 2019, Slovenia allowed shops across the country to accept Bitcoin payments. All this became possible due to the newly created app rollout.

The Netherlands

The country is full of controversies. On the one hand, it is highly interested in the cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the government applies oppressive measures and overly strict regulations.

The country has seen and launched many startup projects – quite successful and unique. However, the authorities are not yet ready and willing to tolerate BTC usage. They, though, do admit that the crypto is not under strict control and supervision.

Prosecution is not yet over in the Netherlands – for instance, the officials prohibited coin mixing service known as Bestmixer. Luckily, the country is also famous for the project of Bitcoin City, which makes the market believe that the situation will change for the better in the nearest future.


There is hardly any other country that would be as loyal and tolerant as Switzerland. According to analysts, the nation is curious to know about BTC as much as possible and keeps Googling for more details.

The Swiss readily accepted the crypto. Their regulatory system allows the market to bloom and grow. This, in turn, makes the entire country and its system feel more progressive and modern.

The nation takes pride in its startup project called Crypto Valley – the idea that still looks appealing to most of the major market players.