EXMO promises great conditions for users

Annabella Cornelly

The crypto exchange aims to influence the UK and focus on Europe by offering EUR and GBP trading pairs with low commissions.

The crypto exchange focused on the EU, says it aims to offer favorable conditions in the market of Europe.

The EXMO crypto exchange currently offers transaction pairs that link prevalent crypto assets with Euro and the British pound - a stimulating exchange from numerous competing platforms concentrated on USD.

Clients are provided the opportunity to invest and withdraw funds using known procedures, comprising Visa & Mastercard, along with SWIFT and SEPA transfers. British dealers may as well get advantage from instant payments, so as the name implies, this lets operations be made much faster than traditional ways.

While the firm recognizes that liquidity is a significant aspect for dealers who make purchases - as it dictates how easy it is to purchase and sell assets, its managers emphasize that "low transaction fees and stellar client service" also matter.

EXMO has by now been operating for over six years, and amid the main significance of the exchange is to get authorizations to provide crypto-focused services, which ensures commercial confidence in the eyes of customers.

Previously in January, EXMO received a license to offer a virtual currency e-wallet service, along with permission to afford a crypto-to-fiat currency exchange service. The enterprise called that an important breakthrough, as this endorsement is applied worldwide. EXMO is similarly listed in the UK, where the company has applied for listing with the economic conduct Authority. In the US, work has also begun that has been recognized as a money service in 10 States.

Following 5AMLD, authentication procedures are taken for novel customers-their card specifics identity, and address. The firm has developed a comprehensive guide to this procedure, comprising FAQs.

Lively exchange

According to the EXMO webpage, there are 18787 online traders on ITS stock, over 170 exchange pairs, as well as eight paper currencies (counting US dollars, Euros, and Pounds) currently.

The desktop version of the platform views a fresh, minimalistic design that completely adapts to the user's predilections –including the night mode. EXMO apps are additionally available on Apple App Store and Google Play, so iOS and Android device owners can keep up to date with the newest marketplace trends and modernize information every single second in actual time.

As for commissions, EXMO guarantees to propose the lowest commissions among the well-known European cryptocurrency exchanges. All summer Zero trading Commission applies to all trading pairs of GBP - in addition to 0% Commission for operations with USDT.

EXMO has likewise lately focused on expanding the analytical capabilities of its exchange platform so that operators can more easily witness the efficiency of their approaches. The profit & loss indicator of 7-days is presently available for all accounts. The firm clarified: "Scrutinizing and evaluating your incomes as well as losses denotes that you can select operational tactics, and regulate them as required." Innovative features are coming soon.

Another milestone was the Ethereum-initiated EXMO token (EXM), lately listed on Changelly, which means it may be easily converted to over 150 other crypto assets.

Charity Foundation

In early June, EXMO stated that the exchange was joiningRotary International activities to start fundraising for orphans. Charity resources will be utilized to obtain antiseptics with an individual protecting kit for them.

"The epidemic has demonstrated the way significant shared assistance and societal awareness are nowadays. The common initiative with the charitable foundation of Rotary International is among the steps, which are planned to unite the community and assist people who are in urgent need of care,”  said Sergey Zhdanov, EXMO’s CEO.