Factors That May Drive the Crypto to 50,000 USD

Colin Baseman

Messari is a well-known and reputable company that carries out research and studies the crypto market, its trends, and tendencies. It analyzes the data and statistics, compares information, and draws conclusions. Messari’s experts are always ready and willing to share their findings with the public and discuss the major changes occurring in the crypto community. They are proud of their projects since what the team is doing helps thousands of participants foresee further development, growths, and perspectives that the crypto market can offer.

According to Messari’s specialists, one-percent allocation from institutions would inevitably push the cryptocurrency to fifty thousand USD. Their estimations include information about BTC’s trading capacities. Experts admit that the crypto could soon trade for fifty thousand USD each – the major condition for this to happen is for institutions to allocate a one-percent to the crypto.

Watkins has been working for Messari for quite some time and has gained plenty of experience. Now, he is the one who has calculated the numbers and foresees that one-percent allocation of institutions is more than enough to raise the market cap belonging to the largest cryptocurrency to more than one trillion USD.

Source of image: https://twitter.com/RyanWatkins_/status/1275426691029090306

According to Watkins, it was of utmost importance to carry out research and find the exact factors that influence the crypto’s price. We cannot ignore another specialists who share this opinion. They also mention and explain what a low percentage invested in the currency may lead to.

What Can Push It Reaches One Trillion?

Many predict a major change. The crypto’s market cap will reach one trillion USD. This will happen if there is a one-percent allocation performed by foundations as well as endowments. Experts also include pension funds in the list and bear in mind sovereign wealth plus mutual funds. As a result, the crypto market may expect to receive another four hundred and eighty billion USD.

Commenting on the analysis by Burniske, his group found out how much fiat reaches BTC. This could have been done to boost gains three years ago when the trend was bullish. Watkins claims that participants that agree with allocation may transform the current system. The movement itself will inevitably raise the total to over one trillion USD, which is more than fifty thousand USD per BTC.

Data taken from Messari

At present, many market analysts are trying to find out which institutions will be responsible for leading the BTC’s charge. Watkins believes that the crypto does not require anyone to achieve great goals and succeed. All in all, what BTC needs to do is to find convincing reasons for institutional investors and make them transfer funds into the crypto.

Of course, hedge funds will probably become responsible for leading the charge. There’re those who trust that several sectors in the USA that can make a shit. This includes the retirement sector – now it has twenty-eight trillion USD and this participant seems to be the first to make a move since the population expects to gain the ability to move digital fund to portfolios and packages that their retirement involves.

Other professionals think that authorities will play their role, too. They will have to take part in the entire process, so they will need to employ significantly sophisticated innovations. All of them are regulator-friendly and warmly welcome within numerous industries relating to the crypto. The engagement of institutions is likely to be much more powerful and influential than the traditional market might have thought. More than that, the trend will trigger security tokens hence they expect than this sector will also emerge.