Famous YouTuber Is Leaving DLive

Judy Rubio

The Internet has turned the entire world upside down and the virtual space now rules the planet. There are thousands of communities people join – each of us has signed up to various forums and has participated in mindboggling discussions sharing our ideas about the latest events on one of the leading sites and platforms.

One of the most commonly used sources of information is YouTube. Currently, the number of people who publish their videos on the net is fantastic. Some participants never make their channel a success. Luckily, there are plenty of those who become real stars and celebrities known across the globe.

PewDiePie is an influencer – he has fans in every country and the number of subscribers exceeds one hundred million people. Business people understand that partnership with Kjellberg may make them even more successful and their business profitable.

As we know, last year Felix signed a deal and agreed to stream only on YouTube once he accepted the offer of partnership with a blockchain platform. Despite all the conflicts and disagreement that has been occurring between crypto and YouTube, the service decided to let the blogger continue his collaboration only if he leaves DLive and stays with the YouTube team. The YouTube deal is exclusive and does not allow a double partnership. The leading social network reported the news on the fourth of May. According to both parts, the agreement is reasonable enough and feels a ‘natural fit’.

The Decision to Stop Partnership

Let us remind you that a year ago, the video maker started his collaboration with the blockchain platform called DLive. Kjellberg’s decision to stream through the mentioned service was quite simple – according to Felix, there he was feeling a true partner. He also added that the platform had zero reward schemes and his partnering was not solely based on profit.

In the past ten months, Felix’s channel on DLive has been steadily growing and increasing. The number of followers has reached over eight hundred thousand fans. The audience might look impressive, but this is less than one percent of his YouTube channel audience.

PewDiePie started his career on YouTube ten years ago. His channel statistics show that his channel has had over twenty-five billion views throughout the years.

Felix noted that it was not that easy for him to make a change. In 2020 his followers could watch his live stream where the blogger told some more details related to the issue.

The YouTuber cannot deny the fact that the network has been his main virtual hub in the past ten years. He loves live streaming and feels comfortable in this area. His goal is to find new ways and approaches to build up content, enrich it, and draw more enthusiasts. The blogger will keep his activity on YouTube and he strongly hopes that his partnership with the service will be productive, efficient, and fruitful. He is excited about the future opportunities that his channel might bring.

The mass media still hope to hear more information from the platform and Kjellberg to help people understand the real situation.

DLive’s Decision to Refer to Tron

Once the blockchain announced it would move to Tron, Felix left the platform. The platform runs on the blockchain developed by Lino. Half a year ago DLive decided to move to Tron. At the end of 2019, BitTorrent officially reported that DLive was ready to join its ecosystem. Experts believe that a decentralized content platform will be popular in the nearest future. There is a new project whose mission is to create a decentralized social media. The owners plan to manage a range of unique and individual apps as well as social media sites.