Fintechs Take Part in COVID-19 Program

Colin Baseman

The U.S. government has finally decided to permit fintech lenders to take part in the relief program. Main Street business owners who have suffered from the pandemic have already gained access to financial support provided by private sectors.

Now non-banks can sign on as fentechs and become part of the protection plan. The SBA has a special application form lenders must fill in. The relief program can now reach a greater number of people. According to John Pitts, it was a critical move that will allow many businesses to have access to the immediate support they require.

Hopes Pinned on Fintech

Small businesses hope for forgivable loans and low interest rates. The pandemic has affected their activities and they need financial aid to restore after the stress. Rollout for traditional financial services was not as slow as that for fintechs at first. Now the situation has improved.

Lenders who are approved by the SBA were the first who got certified. There are reports stating that some banks are overflown with loan approvals. At the same time, this leaves out smaller businesses for an indefinite time. With the support that agile non-banks can offer, small firms can sooner start restoring after the crisis. Digital loans take hours rather than days to reach those who need the aid.

Fintechs may be the only way for smaller firms that never needed aid before and those who could not qualify for loans to receive financial support. In some instances traditional banks do not always provide their help to recently launched businesses. This sort of program gives plenty of opportunities for people willing to establish and develop their own firms.

Unfortunately, the situation needs resolving – there are a few nuances and details that should be revised and considered. It is very important for the Fed to do its part since the steps that the SBA has made are not enough to proceed with the relief program. The Fed once reported that they would offer a lending facility. It would extend to fintechs as well. Without access, neither businesses nor lender would able to give or receive support.

Non-bank lenders are ready and willing to provide their support to small business owners and help them grow and improve. This is necessary for the economy. That allows the country’s population avoid unemployment and poverty that may come once the pandemic passes. Finally, the plan can decrease the number of jobless people since smaller businesses require workforce and specialists who will stay unemployed if there are no small business owners who will hire them.