Former UFC Champion Pins His Hopes on BTC

Judy Rubio

Champions never stay passive and keep fighting for a better and more profitable future. What they do in their occupation helps them apply the same principles in other areas. It does not matter whether the sportsman is still actively participating in sports events or he has left the professional arena, he is very unlikely to change his mindset anyways.

One of such risky people is Eddie Alvarez, the famous martial artist, who formerly competed in the UFC. As we all know, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a very powerful and influential organization. They collaborate and accept only the best fighters. Eddie Alvarez was once part of their organization – he proved to be one of the best athletes there. However, time flies and life may dictate different rules. Then, people may change their activities and start being interested in something new and promising.

Alvarez has recently joined the crypto world and is now looking around and trying to adapt to the new environment. The martial artist found out about BTC from Ben Askren, who once belonged to the Mixed Martial Arts Association. He managed to convince his fellow Eddie Alvarez to purchase at least one Bitcoin. The two sportsmen admit that staying passive is not an option at all. Lately, the mass media sources reported that the martial artist has finally purchased one BTC. This week, the champion posted this news on his Twitter.

The Response That the Champion Receives

Alvarez is willingly corresponding with his fans and followers. He’s ready to share his experience with others and let them know how his new activity may change his life for the better. He’s also thankful for Ben Askren’s attempt to introduce him to something new and unknown. The athlete dove into the new sphere and said that what he did was an unusual and unique decision. He does need help and assistance to understand the cryptocurrency market deeper. The champion needs professional guidance and would appreciate useful information and consultation.

According to Ben Askren, the world of the crypto community is truly exciting and the man is a great fan of all this. His Twitter has now a different handle – the champion’s fans are aware of the importance of the upcoming event and how much he is looking forward to the scheduled halving. At the same time, he announced that XRP is simply a form of scam.

Alvarez’s tweet drew people’s attention. Some sounded quite welcoming while others rather mocking. The community is glad to see Eddie in the team and offers its assistance. His friend suggested the man should read The Bitcoin Standard, the book written by Saifedean Ammous.

The jokes regarding the illegal stuff might have been just an attempt to make the champion smile and react. There were a few people who wanted to make sure that the price for the Bitcoin that Alvarez purchased didn’t exceed nine thousand USD. However, the athlete confirmed the fact that he paid more and that his BTC cost nine thousand eight hundred USD. He added that what he did is not a short-term project. His hold is long-term. He does not wait for an instant cash grab and understands that his invested money will bring fruit after some time.

Another curious fact is that Chiliz, the well-known sports tokenization platform, reported that from now on they will begin a partnership with the UFC. This might become a great opportunity for fans to exchange tokens if their purpose is to gain VIP experiences. The crypto market has spread across many areas and now the community has welcomed plenty of famous people who wish to test it.