French Trial from Judges for Vinnik

Annabella Cornelly

It’s never overly surprising for us all to hear and read about trials and other procedures related to justice when we are talking about developers and creators of various projects. Oftentimes, some of the top leading providers and services have to face issues and these cases soon become known to the entire crypto community.

Recently, the crypto market has learned about the recent event when officials ordered a trial for infamous Russian launder Vinnik. Unfortunately, the man is known to many as a BTC launder and people blame him for practicing illegal activities linked to cryptocurrencies. The trial process is ordered in France where the Russian citizen was accused of laundering approximately three hundred thousand BTC.

All operations were carried out through a local crypto exchange named BTC-e. Such serious instances never go unnoticed and the crypto community remains cautious and alert about people who are suspected of performing this kind of crime. No doubt, laundering, cryptojacking, scam, and fraud bring too much damage to the reputation of the crypto space and make it less appealing to our society.

Right now, the accused man is waiting for more charges from the USA. Also, Russia is planning to charge him with a number of crypto crimes, too. BTC laundering has made France order a trial against Vinnik. As several news agencies state, a judge in Paris has finally ordered the Russian launder to take full responsibility for his illegal activities. The case will include more issues and the list shows extortion.

On top, reports announce that Vinnik was dealing with the criminal association. Authorities accuse the man of fraudulently accessing. Finally, damaging data processing systems is another activity that Vinnik was involved in. News agencies claim that French officials have recently accused the launder of defrauding over one hundred individuals out of one hundred and sixty million USD. The money was stolen within two years’ time, between 2016 and 2018.

Mr. Bitcoin is the nickname Vinnik uses whenever he enters the crypto space. This is the handle the launder used when he defrauded three hundred thousand BTC during the period of six years. The main platform he employed to perform all operations was chosen BTC-e, a crypto exchange.

Resolving Issues in Three Countries

After laundering over three billion USD, Vinnik was arrested. Officials met him in Greece during his vacation three years ago on an indictment delivered by U.S. law enforcement representatives. Some time later, the man was extradited to France in winter.

Tug-of-war is fun only in childhood. However, when this ‘game’ occurs in one’s adult life, this is far from the best experience of a lifetime. The launder reported that he wanted to be extradited to Russia, his home country. He wished this simply because he knew he would face much lesser charges.

Authorities in other countries look at defrauding victims more seriously and consider this illegal activity dangerous and risky – that’s the reason why laws and regulations in many countries require the person to pay huge fines or imprisonment.

According to the most recent posts on many mass media outlets, Vinnik is very likely to go back to Greece after his trial processes in Paris are finished. In Greece, as officials announce, the criminal will have to travel to the USA. At the same time, law enforcement representatives in the United States admit that they are prepared to find out more about his contacts to the well-known hack – as reports state, police officers and investigators are aware of Vinnik’s connection to Mt. Gox. The mentioned crypto exchange takes its roots in Japan, but at the moment this firm is defunct, yet authorities believe that some of the funds from BTC-e might have been sent from there.