Hackers Keep Finding New Victims

Annabella Cornelly

What cybercriminals do is risky and harmful – they constantly find new victims and attack those who look more vulnerable and sensitive. Some hackers chase after money while others need certain information so that later on they could blackmail people and use it against their victims.

Unfortunately, recent reports informed the public that several hackers managed to escape and no one caught them when they published fake BTC giveaways on different Twitter accounts. All this became possible due to the high-level internal admin access.

Scammers find the crypto industry quite appealing and they know how to benefit from it. They are responsible for what experts consider as the most massive ever hack on the platform. According to the news reports, criminals managed to accomplish their plan since individual employees have high levels of access to sources of information as well as control over the system.

Participants share their opinions on the matter and read tweets from the support team published on Wednesday. As we see, the help department of the famous social media platform announced that the cybercriminals are responsible for the serious breach of figures possessing high profiles and accounts.

The hackers performed a well-thought-out social engineering attack. Their major mission was to gain access to internal tools and systems. Experts confirm that they understand their methods and approaches. They also know why the criminals needed to do this. In fact, their task was to gain access to the system and take control of several highly-visible profiles. They were also interested in verified accounts and their mission was to start tweeting on those individuals’ behalf.

The Team Takes Care of the Issues

No doubt, the system’s support department reacted to the event and said they would do all possible to protect people and prevent the risks. Now it’s essential to find out what other dangerous activities the hackers may have committed.

They may have accessed important sources of information and the administration needs to take the right measures to resolve the issue. Team members note that the account reported the support had made important moves to restrict access to internal tools as well as systems – right now the representatives are investigating the breach. It’s true that sometimes criminals gain access to profiles and accounts since they wish to promote fake crypto giveaways.

This time the criminals managed to publish a number of posts utilizing the accounts of influential figures. The list includes names like Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Also, they tried to promote fake giveaways and in this way have deceived more than three hundred users by stealing about one hundred and eighteen thousand USD.

Employees whose accounts the hackers targeted had a spectrum of instruments to manage the affected profiles, including texting on their behalf and changing the email addresses along with phone numbers people use for verification. There are a few screenshots that users posted – all of them show that the scammers must have changed the addresses.

Officials reported that the platform was ready to take pictures of participants who published the images of the panels. They mentioned they regard this as a violation of the rules. Images illustrate access to a few accounts and reveal internal admin data such as the number of strikes against the listed accounts. We can see when the account was entered, the phone number that the profile is tied to, and email the person uses for verification.