Hardware Wallets Are Not All Equally Secure

Colin Baseman

Ngrave has recently announced their company knows what hardware wallet investors might consider the world’s most secure and unique. The firm noted that its creative team is ready and willing to release even more details about their statement and would like to share their opinion with the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

The Zero is the name that Ngrave gave to its hardware wallet. The company has revealed a few important details of its certification and other aspects that make the wallet so unique. Soon the crypto market will welcome a new product – one week is left before its launch.

The Highest Level of Security

Ngrave is known all around the community as a firm dealing with security issues related to digital assets. The crypto experts are eager to find out more about the Zero and learn the details of the project. The Zero is a completely offline hardware wallet. The mass media made several reports a few weeks ago where the team announced why their wallet received EAL7 approval and obtained this kind of certification. As we all know, the mentioned security grading is the highest one all across the globe.

There are seven levels in the certification system. The Evaluation Assessment Level of the seventh level is the highest stage. This grade represents the most complete complex of testing available and possible in the program. The plan includes analysis as well as design documentation. They pay great attention to testing and products go through both penetration procedures and functional testing methods.

Responsible Preparation and Testing

This kind of certification is not that simple to achieve. The new wallet integrates TEE developed by Prove & Run. The creators’ representatives claim that ProvenCore is the most long-living TEE. It has also obtained formal approval and meets all requirements. The requirements include all of the most basic aspects typically applied in the TEE. Besides, the software guarantees much stronger security measures. More than that, its cost of security is distinctively lower. ProvenCore comes along with a microprocessor unit that was developed by ST Electronics. It’s a new product of increased security. Additionally, the wallet is equipped with a secure element. The developers use a metal casing to wrap the element. The entire unit is tamper-proof and sealed. These features protect the product from frequencies occurring from outside as well as inside factors.

A New Method of Security

The crypto market needs new approaches and security is one of the issues that require special attention and professional assistance. Many hardware wallets apply one master seed and rely only on it. The Zero is different and uses fingerprints as a part of biometric data. The software includes environmental randomness depending on light levels. It’s a completely air-gapped product and its features minimize a potential point of failure. The contact between the equipment and application happens only through the exchange of special codes. The QR codes do not contain any data about the holder’s personal key.

The representatives of the company are sure that potential users should try out the new hard wallet. The firm meets the most demanding specifications of the market. The team is ready to assure potential customers they are about to obtain the most secure hard wallet.

The mass media report that Ngrave offered collaboration and invited Jean-Jaques Quisquater to become the team’s advisor. This is one of the most prominent cryptographers ready to make the new wallet gain popularity among many users.