Hotline Receives Help from Bitcoin

David Kemp

Executives of most telecommunication services need help and assistance. Many of them turn to the most advanced technologies, including blockchain. BRD’s representatives have been employing the most progressive instruments for the past five years and now they are ready to share their experience of operating a help hotline based on Bitcoin.

It’s always rewarding to remember the early days of the cryptocurrency. Journalists of many leading agencies interviewed BRD’s officials and asked them to tell them more about their opinion and view regarding the phone support line that was created for cryptocurrency users when the company was still very young.

Right after the founders started BRD, which was back then known as Breadwallet, Traidman remembers the company’s representative deciding to start the so-called Bitcoin Therapy Hotline. The CMO was ready to do this without consulting or informing the corporation’s other officials. Traidman was sure that no one would accept the idea since it sounded absolutely insane. Now he says that five years ago several Bitcoin firms like Coinbase had no phone support.

More than that, on average, it took the company days or even weeks to respond to email messages. That was the time when something new appeared – there were no phone trees and the system involved just a person and a call. We still remember how operators were flooded with phone calls from thousands of clients. That was essential to offer a different approach. As a result, the industry offered a hotline so that the public would be able to call in and ask some of the most common questions.

Many executives then used to ask the staff to spend several hours a week replying to people. Currently, the officials admit that many people were trying to find a way to see how valid their online is. Hundreds of callers were unhappy because they felt the lack of resources related to crypto and couldn’t find anything like that outside of the Internet.

Focus Groups Help Create a New Method

Innovations involve a lot of people. Teams need as many participants as possible to create something that would meet the nation’s expectations. That was the main reason why Traidman spoke to individuals of all age groups and different professions. What the team did really appealed to the public. Now the officials appreciate the hard work they did a few years ago.

Another thing they cannot ignore is the importance of education in the entire process. Business people pay great attention to educational resources and believe that without them, it would be impossible to speed up the adoption of crypto assets. The hotline they used touched only a small part of the planet. In fact, the world’s population needs more knowledge and information.

Both consumers and enterprises need to collaborate and help each other to keep on growing and developing. Analysts predict that these two sides will soon meet somewhere in the middle and then the industry will be able to accelerate adoption. Blockchain literacy is of utmost importance and, fortunately, there is a lot the community is doing to achieve its goals. The more active people become, the more of greater results we all will achieve.

Much of what is happening at the moment depends on our motivation and dedication. Products and services can be significantly better and of higher quality. Modern technologies can be quite useful and beneficial and they have more special features than we might have thought.