How Crypto Would Deliver Dorsey’s Support

Colin Baseman

Programmers have plenty of opportunities to get ahead in life and achieve great goals. The industry they work for is ready to accept the most innovative ideas and is always glad to consider various projects. The same rule applies to Internet entrepreneurs who collaborate with the leading companies and give their support. One such personality is Jack Dorsey who has recently decided to provide support to UBI. The famous programmer is willing to give five million USD. Now the question is how crypto could deliver this kind of support and what it would need to perform this operation.

The news about Dorsey’s decision appeared on Twitter yesterday. There the entrepreneur announced his willingness to give five million USD. The money would go to Humanity Forward. The mentioned non-profit movement is Andrew Yang’s project, whose major mission is to help the country to keep developing and growing. The mass media have reported that Dorsey is interested in assisting the crypto-friendly businessman – the two would then manage to launch UBI for all U.S. residents. The country needs universal basic income and Dorsey in collaboration with Yang can turn their idea into reality.

Yang’s podcast named Yang Speaks discussed how technology would develop in the future. This caught Dorsey’s attention and he reported the plan on it. Dorsey expressed his opinion and said that the best option to transform policy is by performing experiments. Then they would demonstrate case studies of why this is efficient.

Yang stated that Humanity Forward would spend Dorsey’s support on two hundred and fifty USD grants. The money would be distributed among thousands of Americans who are suffering from financial issues after the pandemic. The number of people who have lost their jobs is huge and thousands of them cannot pay their bills after the coronavirus crisis.

Universal Basic Income and Its Distribution

What Yang suggests is regarded as a long-term strategy. The main purpose of the program is to help U.S. citizens to survive after COVID-19 and solve their financial problems. The federal government did what it could and gave one thousand and two hundred USD stimulus payments, but people need more support and help. The money that Dorsey donates will assist small businesses. It will also support individuals who are now unemployed and are striving to survive.

What the authorities gave reached people’s bank accounts last month. Some received the cash in May. In the nearest future, prepaid debit cards will reach four million individuals by mail.

The current models have issues and the population claim they cannot confirm their status on the official site belonging to IRS. Some haven’t even received checks.

UBI Perfectly Matches Crypto

Yang trusts in blockchain and believes that crypto may help change the situation. His UBI platform is another proof of his serious intentions. His program has already provided almost two million USD and helped many people who experienced problems after the crisis.

UBI needs blockchain to help its system deliver assistance more securely and faster. It is known that GoodDollar, another non-profit organization, has recently launched a digital UBI wallet. Now it is possible to deliver money through blockchain technology in a much faster way.

Cryptocurrency Manna runs under a non-profit team known as Hedge for Humanity. The representatives are working on a test run. Their system can help deliver any assets. People would receive crypto, bonds, stocks, and cash thanks to their system. The group wants to let citizens sign up and win a 1-year UBI. They would receive DAI, ETH or BTC equal to one hundred USD each month.