How Do We Perceive Capitol Hill?

Endy Callahan

Capitol Hill is known to be an autonomous zone. Crypto analysts keep wondering what this territory may serve as. Some believe it is a crypto paradise while others disagree and say that it’s a real digital shakedown. Inhabitants of this zone can already utilize cryptocurrencies and the list of businesses they can use it for is quite wide. The question is if there are scrupulous types that are ready to capitalize on the situation.

CHAZ admits that cryptocurrencies influence many spheres. They make a negative impact at times. However, it would be wrong to state that they are never good or useful. Capitol Hill is located in Seattle and its primary purpose was to provide support to the African-American community. People understand that their mission is to prevent aggressive measures law enforcement officers apply.

JamaiCoin is one of the most successful projects. Its creators have invited six companies to evaluate the team’s crypto – this is how they intend to protest against the country’s native currency. Reporters have contacted an owner who was forced to pay Bitcoin equal to five hundred USD.

George Floyd’s death stimulated protesters to create a separate community fighting against the injustice they have been suffering from for so long.

Businesses Are Ready to Accept Tokens

YAH is the cryptocurrency that reported how many businesses in the zone were ready to accept the token. JamaiCoin is a currency widely used among the African-American population of the country. Finding detailed information about this asset is rather difficult and there are no sites or links holders can refer to.

People are ready to fight abuse. They can no longer stand oppression, either. The majority of the black population is ready to start using the token instead of the U.S. dollar. Also, the token has zero inflation. Participants are glad to realize that even though they possess just a tiny amount of the crypto, they know that its value remains the same. It’s different from the native currency and this is what triggers hundreds of protesters to purchase YAH.

Several unconfirmed reports claim that some members of the organization are likely to be utilizing crypto for illicit activities. They mentioned the shakedown of local business owners. Businesses in some instances complain that CHOP members expect five hundred USD in either BTC or cash. They charge the money to provide protection and security. The press says there is potential extortion of residents and the absence of police makes the issue even more serious.

Journalists do not always trust unconfirmed sources – the probability of a disinformation campaign is very high nowadays. This is inevitable since the movement has supporters as well as those who object to it. Users should not trust Twitter accounts that have just a few dozen members yet ask for financial aid in crypto. Fortunately, people stay cautious and refrain from transferring their money to unknown e-wallets.

Taking advantage of the society’s support is very easy if we take into consideration the latest events and all the hot topic problems that surround the nation. Someone decided to launch a personalized token dedicated to George Floyd – hopefully, those who came up with this idea will not manage to cheat people and steal their money. Americans are worried and confused. Many do not know whether what they hear and see is reliable information. The bad thing is that there will always be individuals who will try to monetize people’s trust.