Illegal Activities Are Banned on YouTube

Annabella Cornelly

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms in the online community. There are millions of YouTubers who open their channels and start creating various videos and content. As a rule, their major mission is to find viewers and listeners who would be interested in their topics and information they are ready to share with the rest of the world.

The fact is that there are plenty of YouTube channels, and yet there are even more subscribers and fans who check out those channels to absorb some knowledge and learn something new. Others, on the other hand, use the platform whenever they want to relax and entertain themselves.

Once a YouTuber manages to attract at least one thousand subscribers and his channel’s videos receive thousands of views, then the channel gets monetized and the owner makes money while creating his content, adding new videos, and keeping in touch with his audience.

People who ignore the terms and conditions set by the company may soon lose their right to place their videos on the platform. There are some certain limitations and restrictions and all users must submit to the rules that the YouTube community complies with.

One of the terms says that the platform will ban channels that encourage illegal activities. Such channels get banned once the system detects and identifies them. The Arnolds, whose crypto channel was recently banned by the administrators is back after two days offline.

YouTube channels that are related to cryptocurrencies are sometimes banned – whether this happens or not depends on the owners who may fall afoul of the service’s community conditions. YouTube policies are strict and it is not always possible to regain access to the channel if the community finds the content absolutely inappropriate.

Fortunately, the brothers managed to resolve the issue. However, they announced that their channel was terminated a few days ago. As several sources state, both Austin and Aaron opened their account on the platform to keep in touch with those who are also interested in the crypto industry and desire to learn more about this sector.

Problems Can Be Resolved

Till now, the two crypto enthusiasts have attracted over two hundred and fourteen thousand fans to their channel. The reason why their channel got banned was explained afterward. According to the team, it happened because the system accused the men of encouraging illegal activities.

On the other hand, their channel focuses on news and opinions. The owners have never been interested in promoting anything illegal. They are happy to report that their appeal has been submitted and reviewed by the team members. Participants have the right to request reinstatement, get in touch with the platform, and try to prove that their videos have nothing to do with anything illegal.

The process lasted for over two days. During that period the brothers’ channel and its entire content was totally inaccessible – subscribers had no way to gain access to the videos. As mass media outlets report, on Monday the team replied positively and the administration reversed the ban.

Some two years before, the platform aggressively removed materials with information related to cryptocurrencies. Since 2019, many things have changed and nowadays crypto enthusiasts have fewer limitations and restrictions. Many victims claim that the review process includes various errors that lead to banning of the accounts even of those individuals who are reliable and trustworthy.

It is too risky to violate the terms of services and users should bear that in mind when uploading their content. If the user is sure that some kind of mistake has occurred, he can always send a request to the team asking to review his complaint and reverse the ban.