Indian Youtube Celeb Gets Hacked

Colin Baseman

Giveaway scams are gaining more and more popularity and the crypto community is fully aware of this serious issue. Right now, security companies are doing all possible to protect the crypto industry and other sectors from possible attacks that hackers commit.

India is one of the largest countries in the world and its territory is densely populated – millions of people are happy to let the rest of the world know that they exist and, as a result, they decide to open accounts on various mass media platforms and share their knowledge, life experiences, and stories with their viewers and fans. Some users achieve outstanding results and gain great popularity. Unfortunately, popularity does not always bring good luck to the owner.

And this is what has recently happened to a gaming channel that is known to many Indian users – the owner of the account got hacked by a group that was trying to scam him. One of the aims of the attackers was to employ the old BTC giveaway trick and involve people in a dishonest game.

According to investigators, Ajey Nagar, who owns the gaming channel, has become one of such victims. The man boasts to have almost seven million subscribers and this is something that appealed to the cybercriminals since the reputation of the Youtuber allows many participants to fully trust him.

Recent reports announce that the crime happened on Ajey’s channel that he uses for streams during which he plays video games with other users as well as local celebrities.

Promotional Material Mislead the Audience

Cybercriminals keep finding out new ways to cheat people and lure them into thinking that they can receive various cash prizes and gifts if they follow some certain terms. Scam promotional materials and videos are published on many channels. Some display BTC addresses while others feature images of famous people who, as they claim, are willing to give away cryptocurrencies.

Scammers promise to send the sum twice as big – the only thing the victim has to do is to transfer them some funds. Luckily, Nagar has managed to resolve the issue and his channel is currently back to normal.\

Youtube has always been one of the favorite platforms where scammers found victims and spread their giveaway scams. Fake events of this kind are not new to the community. Users are sometimes get scammed out more than one hundred and fifty thousand USD simply because less experienced individuals trust that they are dealing with respectable and trustworthy people like Elon Musk.

Participants are advised to stay alert and careful at all times. We should pay special attention to proposals where someone offers us significant amounts of money for transferring cryptocurrencies or purchasing items at a low price. VET tokens attract many cybercriminals and this is why holders of this token should double-check the parties they are corresponding to before they decide to trust them their funds.