Instagram Bans Female Crypto Accounts

Judy Rubio

People who actively use various online services know that platforms can sometimes ban users for violation of certain laws and rules set by the system. In most cases, it is possible to restore your account and profile if you manage to find the right reasons and explanations for being unblocked. Unfortunately, some participants break the most essential requirements and can never use their profiles again.

Being banned on Instagram is no fun at all, especially if you have plenty of followers and consider yourself an influencer. Recently, the press reported that female crypto influencers feel visible gender disparity in the crypto community and that was one of the reasons why Instagram banned them from the platform. What happened has quickly spread across the Internet and now thousands of users are discussing the issue trying to find out the true reasons behind the ban.

Women believe that gender inequality is a problem that bothers the crypto world as well. However, it is not allowed to speak openly about this matter on Instagram. Lagos, Thompson, and Siegel are three female influencers who deal with cryptocurrencies and, at the same time, use Instagram to share their opinions and views.

According to sources, the ladies were banned and the system removed their accounts from the platform. The main reason was their complaints about the underrepresentation of females in the crypto industry. Siegel replied to Binance mentioning that she was the only woman nominee for their awards. Besides Lagos, there was only one more lady for the award across Latin America.

True Facts Prove Reality

As Siegel states, the conflict started last month, right after she published a video on a social media outlet telling viewers about gender disparity. She thinks that this is the way now the community is punishing her for revealing the truth.

Many consider her an aggressive feminist rather than someone who is fighting for her rights. The industry underrepresented her and some participants harassed her. Later on, she invited Thompson and the two ladies arranged regular live stream sessions during which the influencers discussed cryptocurrency as well as blockchain developments.

Once Siegel focused on the news, the crypto industry calmed down and stopped attacking her. Negative remarks made things worse – people found out that Binance is planning to nominate only one female for its awards and just two ladies for awards across Latin America.

The truth is that there are lots of women in the crypto community and many are influential enough. It’s not right that only twenty-five individuals were selected and Siegel was the only woman who managed to get on the global list. Women do realize that the crypto space has many problems and they need to do something to change the situation.

According to experts, the community drives selection processes. Participants agree on the influencer nomination and they appreciate all women leaders. However, the number of awards is limited in all categories and they arrange elections. Voting allows users to choose the best candidate.

Analysts do not believe that the crypto community is guilty or that it is prejudiced and does not accept females. The reasons have nothing to do with gender discrimination and posts on Instagram can only ignite more conflicts. One of the surest ways to prevent further misunderstandings was to ban Instagram profiles of the ladies who made those remarks.