Is it profitable to invest in Neufund?

Judy Rubio

Neufund platform opens wide opportunities for investment. You may make a direct investment in the platform itself or invest in crowdfunding projects that are placed in there. What are the prospects for Neufund development and is it profitable to buy its tokens now?

Neufund Investors

The inspiration and idea behind the neufund system is a growing number of innovative startups. It aims to make investment process as easy as possible.

Many projects claiming to be innovative are often not considered to be trustworty, especially by classic investors. Such startups find it difficult to get funding. However, this does not mean that they do not have the potential and are not innovative. Thanks to Neufund, each of them can get the necessary funding. And it is not a venture fund. The platform is much closer to the blockchain investment ecosystem.  

The system offers various options for making profits, such as initial tokens placement, selection of applicants for fund management, etc. In the article "Neufund - permissions and regulations" you can learn more about the legal field in which the platform operates.

Opportunities provided 

The users of Neufund platform may take advantage of some additional features:

  • it is available to all investors who are willing to take the initiative. They may browse independent proposals from investors, make investment decisions and so on;
  • trade tokens;
  • startups management in the chain: deciding to trade crypto assets, increasing funds received, voting on shareholder resolutions.

Neufund commented on the security of assets held in the Fund. Representatives of the platform said that they intend to transfer assets to offline storage. This will avoid the consequences that the DAO project has experienced. To gain access to resources, you will need to go through certain procedures. 

The company plans to release the source code to the public. It will be used to process Fund components and for smart contracts for external audit purposes.

As you can see, Neufund has serious plans for the future, many of which have already been successfully implemented. Hundreds of startups use the crowdfunding system. It is seeking to expand German law, which would provide greater protection for investors. The use of smart contracts and modern means of protection ensures the platform's security and avoids any fraudulent activities. You may find out more about neufund crowdfunding platform on our portal. We are sure it will help you determine the potential of investing in the system.