Japanese Survey Learns about Traders’ Preferences

Endy Callahan

Asian crypto holders have always been greatly interested in the crypto industry. They remain active participants of the crypto community and keep track of the latest analytics and reports. At the same time, the Asian continent may serve as an example for many other nations and teach users from other countries newly developed strategies and tactics.

The local mass media outlets have recently carried out a survey. The representatives involved BitMax, which is a well know exchange based in Japan, and illustrated a more detailed review of the situation. According to the analysts, twenty-five percent of traders residing in Japan give their preference to XRP.

On the other hand, the number of those who choose to utilize ETH is merely nine percent. The leading position belongs to Bitcoin – here, the percentage of people who prefer this cryptocurrency reaches twenty-six.

Experts admit that Ether is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency. Even though this tendency is true, crypto holders trading in Japan still prefer to utilize XRP and find this crypto more reliable and trustworthy. The survey showed several other important factors that influence the way that the known exchange operates in. Now we know that in Japan XRP is not less popular that the Bitcoin token and the difference between these two cryptocurrencies is not significant – traders find them both quite beneficial and rewarding.

The local crypto market regularly conducts research and various studies to see what currencies traders opt for and what their reasons are. Analysts wanted to find out what preferences Asian holders and traders have and revealed that twenty-five percent of participants admit that their favorite coin is XRP. It’s important to mention that the number of people who choose Bitcoin is only slightly higher and makes up twenty-sex percent. The third position belongs to ETH since this currency can boast only nine percent.

Favorite coins among Japanese traders. Gold - BTC; Red - ETH; Pink - XRP; Blue – others

Agents involved just a small number of people not exceeding 1,500. This means that the results of their survey cannot be fully definitive and exact. Nevertheless, the agency noted that they had similar results half a year ago. Last December XRP followed BTC. The third most popular cryptocurrency was also ETH.

How Do Foreign Traders Perceive XRP?

One of the main tasks of the survey was to find out how popular XRP is among foreign traders and whether people utilize this cryptocurrency outside Japan. According to experts, XRP hasn’t gained enough popularity outside the country, and the number of people who would prefer this crypto is not high enough. Specialists are trying to figure out why last year this currency had fewer fans than any other token.

The truth is that the army of those who find XRP attractive has significantly decreased and the number of foreign fans choosing this cryptocurrency is not massive in comparison to those who believe that Bitcoin and Ether are more appealing for a whole range of different reasons.