Jeffries Has 4 Times as many BTC as Elon Musk Owns

Colin Baseman

Humorist Jim Jefferies said that he purchased BTC for about 10 thousand dollars in the Robinhood exchange app only for fun. Stand-up comic from Australia Jeffries has collected a bigger load of BTC tokens than philanthropist Musk.

On the part of Jeffries Podcast on June 30, "I don't know about it," the comic told Kiana Danial, a crypto author, that indeed he was a bit more educated about digital currency than obviously his Entertainment group is – they generally choose subjects the humorist knows almost nothing of.

"I own a BTC," the comedian stated. "I purchased it for a joke, just in the app called Robinhood, to get what the cryptocurrency is all about."

The entertainer added, he now holds $ 9,612 which is “worth of some BTC", however, Danial decided that Jeffries had not yet relocated his coin to an e-wallet - definitely “if these are not your keys, then not your Bitcoin."

Buying 1 token turns him to a wealthier man in terms of exchange leader - BTC compared to technology tycoon Elon Musk, who stated in May that his digital assets remain at 0.25 Bitcoin - $ 2,347.

Jeffries’ net value is assessed at approximately $ 9 million, and this means that his cryptocurrency reserves account for 0.1% of his funds is slightly less than that of magnate Paul Tudor Jones' - 1%.

Funny understanding of cryptocurrency

Since the performance is planned to be equally informative and humorous, Jeffries paid attention as Danial clarified a couple of simple terms as well as the token history.

As soon as the cryptocurrency and Satoshi Nakamoto topic commenced, the humorist swiftly replied:

"Everybody identifies who he is - the two stars of Michelin, the top tuna in the city."

One funnier detour concerned the cold storage:

"I'm going to purchase some BTC tokens, and I'll place my wallet in a freezer."

Jim Jefferies has four times more BTC than Elon Musk

Criticism of the "financial specialist"

Commentaries on Jeffries ' familiarity were varied, yet several digital asset owners and Twitter readers criticized Daniel's description of crypto funds and digital ledger

"That is what you require: somebody who doesn't know the subject, for a group of individuals who even have not heard of it," he said. A person on Twitter named Westy447 wrote, “as a cat that wants to clarify to fish what  cycling is."

Crypto celebrities

Marty Bent, the podcaster, even suggested replacing Danial once a different user drew interest to her presentation: "the alleged professional they were working with was a far-reaching calamity. I wish Jeffries visited your performance so that he could learn what Bitcoin is precisely."

Jeffries is not the first important stand-up comedian to show interest in crypto assets via a podcast within the last days. At the beginning of July, it was stated that Anthony Pompliano managed to convince comic Bill Barr to finance in BTC.

Show business as well as sports celebrities are certain of the cryptocurrencies’ prospects or are willing to invest in digital assets and even produce personal coins. For some the driving power is a thirst for income, some others are zealous about the technical element of virtual assets.

Executives are looking with interest at the opportunities of blockchain platforms for monetization of their ventures, and performers are meeting fans who prefer to pay for their show with digital money.

The stars who believe in Bitcoin are numerous. In 2015, Tyson tweeted about the release of his bitcoin ATMs network. In half a year, the boxer’s company not only had a setting crypto machine but also introduced a crypto mobile application.

In 2017, the heiress of the Hilton Empire funded the ICO of the LydianCoin cryptocurrency.

"I can't wait to contribute to the @LydianCoinLtd token sale!" she wrote on Twitter, indicating that the post is not an advertisement.

Microsoft originator Bill Gates in 2014 acknowledged his interest in BTC. However, later he recurrently made adverse statements about the cryptocurrency.

Singers Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez appeared to be the first celebs to accept BTC for their shows.