Juventus Football Club issued Tokens

David Kemp

Juventus football club (Italy) has issued tokens for fans with the support of the blockchain platform Socios.com. Interest in FC is fueled by the fact that its colors are protected by world-class star Cristiano Ronaldo.

A token of Italian FC

The JUV token (Juventus Fan Token) grants the club's fans the right to influence the football club's decisions by participating in surveys. One is already being held – this is the choice of a musical composition that will sound after a goal is scored at your stadium.

A similar experience is already available. For eight years, Chelsea fans have been choosing songs from the Fratellis music group. Juve fans are offered 4 songs, one of which will be played after a goal is scored:

  • Song 2 by Blur
  • Boom team P. O. D.
  • All The Small Things
  • Jump Around

The winning piece will become famous after the first goal that Juventus will score at their stadium in 2020.

Issue of JUV tokens

A total of 20 million digital coins will be issued. A significant share of them will be implemented on the site Socios.com with the first ever Fan Token Offering. Initially, the cost of one token will be 2 euros.

You can get coins for free using the special Token Hunt program.

Token holders can participate in certain decisions and various surveys, and they will also be able to receive points for cooperation with the club and fans. The ultimate reward will be "unforgettable experiences and outstanding products".

Paris Saint-Germain F.C. intends to issue its own crypto-currency

Famous French FC Paris Saint-Germain together with Socios.com plans to issue its own cryptographic currency. The Maltese platform will conduct steps for Fan Token Offering (FTO), tokens will be offered primarily to PSG fans.

The digital coin will allow its owners to participate in votes and surveys, as well as receive loyalty points. The football club's press release noted, "Cooperation is an element of PSG's extensive strategy for implementing blockchain technology. It can help you improve your connections with your fans and increase the efficiency of your business processes."

UEFA successfully conducted tests of the blockchain system for the sale of tickets on stadium

The Union of European Football Associations spoke about the successful verification of the system for selling tickets for matches using distributed registry technology. The organization stated that thanks to the new order, it will become safer and easier to purchase tickets. It allows you to prevent their duplication.

The Blockchain system was tested for the first time when selling tickets for the Europa League final between Atletico and Marseille in France. Then it was used to sell half of the tickets.

The next match, which used the blockchain system, was the confrontation between Real Madrid and Atletico in The UEFA Super Cup In a statement, UEFA said that all tickets for the game were sold using special programs for Android and iOS devices. The UEFA distributed ticket registry system works with mobile Bluetooth devices that were installed at the entrance to the stadium.

UEFA representatives spoke about plans to continue creating the system for its subsequent use at other football matches.

West Ham United F.C. intends to follow the example of the giants and create their own cryptocurrency for fans

English club West Ham has planned to issue tokens for fans on the blockchain platform Socios.com. According to preliminary estimates, its fan audience covers more than 40 million people.

Karim Virani, West Ham's Director of Digital and Commercial Affairs, said, "Many fans of the club often use digital technologies in their daily lives."

The release of coin is promised to not keep waiting for too long. Thanks to it, the owners of coins will be able to participate in voting on various issues of the club through the mobile app. Fans will also take part in a raffle for prizes, tickets for games and exclusive gifts. To buy tokens, you need to use the $CHZ coin, which is internal to the service Socios.com.

Atletico FC plans to issue digital currency for the fans

Spanish FC Atletico Madrid plans to provide tokens for fans built on the blockchain platform to the market Socios.com. The cost of the coin will be 2 euros per unit. The coins will be issued as part of the Fan Token Offering for the 2019/2020 season. The sale will be made for the developer's internal coin - $CHZ.

It is supposed to provide an opportunity to get coins for free. To do this, use the geolocation search service using the Token Hunt function. Having these coins will allow you to participate in various surveys, receive rewards and earn loyalty points through the Socios app.

In 2018, the system Socios.com stated its plans to provide similar services to more than 50 sports clubs.

Blockchain technologies are actively penetrating various spheres of life. Football clubs are planning to launch their cryptographic currencies one by one. Among them, grandees and obviously mediocre teams that do not shine as bright. The Union of European Football Associations has successfully tested the effectiveness of distributed registry technologies for ticket sales. If you are a football fan, do not miss the opportunity to buy several tokens of Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain or other clubs. This will allow you to influence their policies, and can bring you good earnings.