Leading miners of Europe share industry knowledge

Endy Callahan

EU's prominent miners share their local expertise and understanding of the current trade.

Non-profit investigation Institute dGen collected information into a report and it showed that European miners of cryptocurrencies consider greater energy prices in the area in comparison with Russia and China are compensated by such factors as governmental permanency, strict ruling, and strong security.

The conducted research also discovered that numerous miners centered in Europe currently feel ready to double the reward for a block of leading token BTC, highlighting that greater costs of electrical energy have obliged several miners to finance in high-performance technologies.

Reliable regulation compensates for costly electrical energy in Europe

Global Business Director F2Pool, Thomas of Heller, said that "upper energy prices are compensated by a smoother type of business, improved regulation along with greater security," noting that "activities like receiving insurance are even" available for local crypto miners.

Alejandro De La Torre, Vice President of Poolin, duplicated Heller's point of view. He disputed that the advantages of "stable administration, transparent or safe laws, and an increased simplicity level of starting a trade" give miners from Europe’s countless savings and benefits.

 Genesis Mining division’s Head, Philip Salter, approved the two large players’ position, saying:

"Political permanency diminishes risks, and the greatest part of the electric power coming from renewable bases, eventually, turns it to the top (or low-cost) alternative."

On the other hand, GmbH representative Denis Rusinovich stated that America proposes miners more opportunities in terms of monetary services related to Europe:

"The largest problem for European miners in is the weak resident ecosystem improvement contrary to the US, as there is an effective expansion in trade, banking, arranged products and, most significantly, in funding opportunities for the miners",

Europe-based miners are preparing to double

Once asked regarding the region's projections for the forthcoming halving, the representative of F2Pool stated that miners from Europe have a unique opportunity to withstand the halving due to the necessity to make investments in the high-quality and effective tools.

“European Bitcoin Hashing farms on average have greater energy prices, accordingly they are inclined to upgrade rapidly, use more operational firmware, besides in general have improved data hubs to exploit local meteorological conditions," he reported.

Rusinovich defines the process of halving as a "predetermined trigger occasion," claiming that mining specialists worldwide are preparing "to reduce the cost of electric power, purchase innovative and more proficient equipment, in addition to financial hedging for the impending threat."

Head of Genesis Mining branch Philipp Salter also foretold that the halving would have an identical influence on all the EU miners, notwithstanding of the legislation on, they are based on, declaring:

"Operative charges will be more imperative than they previously were, so EU miners who currently use inexpensive, renewable power sources will eventually appear in the lead!»

Based onthe larger players’ predictions for the impending halving and further events, the smaller users can as well make their prophecies and wait and see the outcomes.