Letters from PayPal Confirm Crypto Capability

David Kemp

PayPal seems to be one of the most trustworthy services. This platform caters to millions of customers all around the globe and the number of users is steadily growing. What the provider offers satisfies even the most demanding customers. The team’s priorities are prompt transfers, quality as well as safety and security of all sorts of payment operations.

As we all know, the bigger the company, the more rumors the community spreads. And this is exactly what is happening at the moment around this world-known brand. Experts announce that the global giant might be still developing a solution focused on crypto and there is plenty of evidence proving this fact.

Data confirms that the brand is willing to develop capabilities in the crypto sphere. Many professionals refer to theletter that the European Commission received. Officials submitted the document four months ago and the letter is regarded as a response to the authorities’ public consultation regarding a European Union framework that the government arranged for markets in crypto assets.

We should mention that the feedback period took a few months, between December and March. According to the document, the payment system agreed on continuous evaluation and monitoring of global improvements in the crypto space along with DLS. Executives emphasize that they favor a balanced regulatory approach that will not compromise innovation.

Moreover, the company decided to join the Libra Association – its key mission was to find out more about the potential usage of blockchain technologies because the team wished to provide financial services to hundreds of unbanked customers around the world. Later on, they left the project because the team began to research its individual solutions in the industry.

PayPal’s steps have been tangible and unilateral so far – the team keeps developing its capabilities in the industry. This shows that the value of the program is still high and its members chose to concentrate on advancing their current mission and tasks. What they do will help democratize access to financial service.

People’s Previous Speculations

A month ago, mass media outlets announced that PayPal was about to consider introducing a series of direct sales of certain crypto assets. The team wanted to offer customers to store their funds using the brand’s in-house digital wallet.

When contacted and asked to comment on the recent information, a manager responsible for the payment operations said that the firm does not confirm or deny rumors and speculations. At the same time, executives reported that they are ready to introduce two openings related to crypto because the team was searching for crypto specialists. They were also looking to hire blockchain engineers.

All participants of the crypto community are glad to welcome new members. People expect giants like PayPal to offer them opportunities that will open up a door to a different level. Developments that are currently occurring in the crypto industry are stunning and many service providers strive to gain respect and popularity among thousands of potential clients around the planet.

Novelties that enter the market stun users with their variety. The public appreciates the efforts that the leading companies make to simplify the daily life of the nation. Projects that numerous creators work on make us hope that in the future modern technologies will reach even a higher level.