Major Points Miners Pay Attention to Today

Colin Baseman

Many believe that BTC miners might have finished selling already. Are they really done? That’s the question many crypto market specialists are asking and trying to find the right answer. According to the latest trends in the crypto community, there are five key things every miner should pay attention to since they tell a lot about BTC price this week.

Influences along with metrics make a huge difference – we can bear them in mind while dealing with the cryptocurrency. What we see is that BTC comes with an undecided trajectory as nine thousand USD wavers.

Uncertain times have come for Bitcoin this week. First, we saw the crypto regain nine thousand USD. However, many traders would love to find out which direction BTC/USD is heading in the nearest few days. The mass media outlets emphasize five major points that drive the crypto’s price action for several days ahead.

Last Friday showed a great slide, but then on Monday futures started to gain early even though the market still feels the coronavirus pressure and its consequences. Dow Jones futures rose a bit and so did Nasdaq. Something similar occurred to S&P 500. BTC/USD sometimes copy and repeats the moves happening in the stock market. Nevertheless, a couple of days ago we witnessed a decrease under nine thousand USD.

After a few hours, the crypto regained the level. We should always bear in mind that there is a correlation of around ninety-five percent between Bitcoin and S&P 500. Luckily, many traders remained quite optimistic since many compared the data we had in March with that we have now – since then the crypto has been up one hundred and forty percent despite all the lows it faced. The three-month chart demonstrates the trend and helps make certain predictions.

The Difficulty Is Expected to Adjust Down

Specialists admit that the bearish momentum took its toll on the crypto’s network fundamentals. Also, the difficulty flipped negative – this essential mechanism guarantees that miners are willing to take part in the network. Additionally, automatic adjustments serve as economic policy. The crypto’s hash rate has leveled off – it saw a gain of about ten percent last week, though. Refer to the diagram below to have a better understanding of the difficulty.

Analysts believe that a small crypto futures gap is soon opening. That’s the gap left in CME futures market over the weekend. Some reports note that if futures start Monday trading from a different point than we had last Friday, the pair will fill the hole by either falling or rising. This week, the gap remains between nine thousand one hundred and eighty USD and nine thousand two hundred and fifty USD.

Although Friday’s expiry was giant, it failed to make any visible change on price, although many expected a move.

Derivatives played a major role and served as an important factor for BTC.


Traders have shown fear and, as the index shows, it still remains and hasn’t changed too much since last week. Experts know that the tool considers several factors to make up an index from one to one hundred. Irrational optimism always shows as a higher score and right now it is forty-one. That’s nine points lower than last week when traders found out about PayPal’s intention to support crypto.

Statistics demonstrating exchange balances prove there is a lack of interest and consumers are less willing to sell.