Muse’s Collaboration on a Fresh Campaign

Judy Rubio

The entertainment industry is one of the spheres where something exciting and unique is happening on a constant basis. Music fans all around the globe appreciate their favorite rock band called Muse. As many news agencies report, the mentioned group seems to be willing to sign its own collectibles known to the market as CryptoKitties.

Official representatives mention that their products will be authenticated by means of blockchain technology. That’s a new partnership that, as many participants expect, may lead to a more productive and efficient result in the nearest future.

Users are aware of the band’s past. From now on, this popular English rock group is planning to team up with Dapper Labs. The former is the firm behind CryptoKitties, which is actually one of the most viral titles available on blockchain. Specialists think that this collaboration might immediately center on the creation of two crypto-collectibles that are secured by blockchain technology.

More than that, fans can hope to see Kitty which is a part of an exclusive and limited edition – as news sources state, this product will be ‘signed’ by the performers. Customers say that it is an interesting project in more than one sense since they involve specially designed assets. No doubt, the band wants its blockchain assets to be fully tradeable.

Experts who are now researching the project point out that memes can be easily tokenized. Also, we can do the same with digital art. On top, video games in this case are no exception, either. Another fact that professionals mention is that all of these branches can be eventually monetized. There’re thousands of online followers and the community will always appreciate the new opportunities offered to them while practicing P2P activities and interacting on the platform where all these tokens are circulating.

Visual Space Presented via Elements

Kitties belong to a newly designed edition. Band fans will see plenty of component from the visual sphere that the rock performers created while recording their most recent album. There is Marty – all-favorite character. One more figure that the fresh collection features is Mibbles.

As many may realize, Marty is inspired by the image of Matt Bellamy. That is the performer’s incarnation the audience saw in one of the lead singer’s videos. No doubt, the video material gained popularity among fans around the globe. And so did ‘Pressure’, which is another video from which Mibble takes its roots. Now the public can once again enjoy the ‘mini-monster’ symbol.

Developers of the current project claim that all these new collectibles have enough potential to reshape and improve the relationship between the performer and the public. This idea appealed to many artists and the band has found supporters who note that people’s lives are becoming more and more digitized.

Of course, people wish to express their appreciation in fresh and amazing ways. For many individuals, the idea of a totally digital product might feel unusual. However, thousands of fans enjoy engaging with tools, filters, and various fascinating stickers. After all, these items might serve as an additional instrument for self-expression. Of course, Muse keeps developing and thanks to the most advanced technologies their albums and performances have become more appealing to a wider audience.