Neufund: permissions and regulation

Judy Rubio

A relatively young platform Neufund began to make deals on the purchase and sale of tokens. This decision has already received official permission from the state authorities. The first was Liechtenstein's financial regulator. What is this platform and what are its features?

Distinctive features of the Neufund platform

Since its launch in 2016, the system was consistently among the most active participants on the Ethereum network. In addition, the platform offers to use its own code base. Representatives of Neufund promised to preserve the democratization of access to attract investments for startups from different countries of the world.

The Maltese Financial Fund, whose activities are related to cryptographic currencies, has signed several agreements for the subsequent creation of securities. And MSX exchange announced the development of a platform designed to provide trading in crypto assets. Neufund is one of the companies which it has entered into an agreement with.

German startup attracts investments in the amount of 10 euros or more. The purchased tokens act similarly to shares and give the right to own a part of the business. The company has already signed agreements with the Ledger hardware wallets manufacturer and BitBay exchange.

Request for the development of cryptocurrency regulation rules in Germany

Neufund company appealed to German lawmakers to create rules for the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. The initiative comes after a German court ruled that current laws do not cover all parties to the use of digital assets.

Regulatory uncertainty could harm Germany's ability to become a leader in the digital economy. This was written by the CEO of Neufund Zoe Adamovich to German Parliament. The article "cryptocurrency Regulation in Europe" will help to learn more about the legislative practice in relation to digital assets in different countries of the Old World. 

Recall, the Berlin court ruled that bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies do not meet the definition of a financial instrument in the legal framework of Germany. This canceled the decision of the financial regulator of the FRC that cryptocurrencies fall into this category. The judgment was made during a legal battle between the Federal financial supervision authority and the exchange, which is accused of operating without registration. The court held that the cryptographic market was not subject to institutional control, regulation and protection. This reduces the security of investments in blockchain and crypto assets.

Partnership with BitBay

Malta has established a reputation as a center for innovative solutions in the cryptocurrency space. The authorities promised to find an opportunity to withdraw fiat money from the cryptographic exchange. Polish BitBay and German Neufund created the first crypto-fiat exchange in Malta. According to Polymath research, the security token market will grow to $ 10 trillion by 2020.

Cryptocurrency platform Neufund is taking active steps to fully operate in the legislative field of Germany. It already works in Liechtenstein. Cooperation with exchanges and other platforms helps Neufund to actively expand. Why not use the crowdfunding system and invest in several promising projects?