New Key Backup for Hardware Wallets

Judy Rubio

Ngrave is proud to present the newest project. The team has finally launched and presented its new key backup. The novelty is aimed at crypto hardware wallets and is known as Graphene. The security company predicts that their innovation will significantly reshape the current crypt market and make many users’ options and alternatives more varied thanks to the newly developed feature.

Ngrave has been working on security providing various solutions for digital assets. The firm has gained plenty of experience in this area and perfectly knows what the public needs to feel secure and safe while performing payments online utilizing their hardware wallets and cryptocurrencies. The official representatives of the company announced that they were about to launch a private key backup that is fully recoverable. This is a recoverable model that’s engraved on a steel plate. The company offers its innovation to all holders of cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

A couple of days ago, the mass media outlets announced that Graphene by Ngrave is currently available to a vast range of customers after raising over one hundred and fifty-nine thousand USD. The mentioned sum came from an Indiegogo campaign involving crowdfunding.

The project is interesting since it boasts a design resembling a ‘puzzle’ based on cryptography. What makes the creation so special is its resistance to electric shock and heat of more than one thousand six hundred degrees Celsius. The company made its invention resistant to fire as well as rain, which makes the product highly practical.

The mentioned puzzle is made up of two separate plates. Both contain the holder’s private key known to the individual only. Bear in mind that values on the plate are arranged in a different way for each individual. To recover the key, the owner requires both plates.

As the representatives claim, Graphene has successfully removed the previous pitfalls and seems to be visibly improved. The backup resolves the issue related to durability. This problem is frequent with both electronic backups as well and paper wallets. In many instances, they quit functioning while Graphene offers a great solution since this is a structure made of steel and its resistance to heat and water is outstanding. The product also removes issues that are typical of metal wallets.

The Main Features to Pay Attention To

The firm states that they have been looking for the smartest solution for quite some time and what they have achieved can help the crypto industry feel safer and more secure. They take pride in having a hardware wallet featuring the highest level of certification. They knew how important it was to pay attention to usability since this factor plays an important role in security. People who manage crypto tend to make certain mistakes and the company’s mission was to make an instrument that would be completely foolproof and intuitive.

The security company is likely to present another feature, which is the ability to recover private keys in case the holder has died. Ngrave keeps in touch with chip manufacturers and collaborates with prominent research groups. The team employs cryptographic protocols; hence the company established a partnership with Imec. The latter develops and researches projects related to nanoelectronics. The firm is also partnering with COSIC – another famous research team specializing in applied industrial cryptography. The three groups put every effort to increase security features and make their products more reliable and unique.