No Need to Win to be President

Endy Callahan

People tend to believe that if they wish to become powerful, influential, and famous, they need to compete with others and become winners. However, life is full of unexpected twists and turns that no one can foresee or predict. This is why we oftentimes see various less lucky individuals reach their major goals.

Specialists may say that one needs to win to become the president, but there are candidates who state the opposite and disagree with that idea. Brock Pierce is one of the people who have their own viewpoint and opinion and are always ready to share his ideas with the rest of the world. This would also include the crypto space. Crypto venture capitalists are few and far between, and yet each of the participants is willing to find out how these people have achieved their dreams.

According to the latest news reports, the independent candidate for President claims that he does not believe he would be able to win the election at the end of this year. On the other hand, the man has decided to reveal how he intends to finish up in the White House no matter what. Brock Pierce admits that one of his major missions involves a smart strategy. As a rule, he is experienced enough to know how to make his dreams a reality.

Right now, the capitalist says that his key campaign strategies might be to ensure that neither of the two leading parties wins a majority this year. He also understands that if any third party could win a single state, it would become almost possible that none of the candidates would win the election.

Additionally, if any third party could win three states, then we would be likely to see how no one at all would win the election. Pierce is not actually trying to win the competition. What he is doing right now is he tries to win about three states so that none of the existing candidates and parties could win the winners during the election this year.

Possibilities Are Not Probabilities

Based on the U.S. legislative system, any candidate for president must win a minimum of two hundred and seventy out of five hundred and thirty-eight electoral votes. Only then will he have the right to be elected. And this does not involve a majority of the popular vote. On top, less populate areas may carry three votes. At the same time, bigger states carry fifty-five votes. Authorities state that a candidate is allowed to carry an entire state as well as its electoral votes if he manages to win the most votes across that territory.

This structure explains how the current president managed to win the election four years ago with three hundred and four electoral votes, even though he received approximately three million fewer votes overall than his opponent. Becoming president does not require winning at all. No doubt, Pierce knows what he needs to do to end up in the White House in the nearest five months. The famous crypto capitalist might fail, of course. Nevertheless, if this happens, then his own campaign will result in significant media exposure.

As we know, this would help the candidate put a spotlight on the crypto market. He would also be then discussing the crypto market and would put it as one of the major election issues. Pierce first made the public know about his candidacy for U.S. President last month. He posted a message on his Twitter account and proved that Kanye West is not the only person who feels strong and powerful enough to do this.

Pierce has a website where his campaign announces that he is a representative of the crypto world and digital currencies is his sphere of interests – he has managed to raise over five billion USD for the numerous companies he has already founded. All participants interested in more detailed information are encouraged to watch the full video material in the nearest few days.