NYC Hospitals Report on COVID-19 Deaths

Endy Callahan

Doctors keep their combat trying to save people‘s lives. The issue is serious and it is still getting worse day by day. Professionals do not have sufficient amounts of equipment and tools to make it possible to help all patients. There are plenty of hospitals in New York City where medical staff keep wearing single masks for a few days in a row. When the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus is increasing at a tremendous speed, it is absolutely necessary yet not always possible to provide doctors with all they need to work with the sick.

Unfortunately, the problem is horrifying and experts claim it hasn‘t hit the peak. Doctors are doing their best and put every effort, however, they feel frustrated at time, realizng they cannot save hundreds of lives.

Currently, doctors who have never specialized or treated infections are asked to wok with patients suffering from the virus. The number of patients is increasing and hospitals need as many specialists as possible. Now we can see cardiologists, orthopedic and pediatric doctors taking care of the infected of all ages and genders. This is something totally new since this approach has transformed the entire hospital culture. And its major principles.

No one could ever predict that a health issue of this kind may some day attack the world’s population. COVID-19 has revealed al the disadvantages, weaknesses and minuses of the health system. Underresourcing and underfunding have now become obvious.

One doctor admitted that even before the virus there used to be some lack of basic supplies. Now that NYC hospitals are overwhelmed, the mistakes of the past are clearly revealed.

Doctors are working very long hours. Their hectic chedule won’t let them have enough time to recover and restore, which is dangerous and risky for both patients and doctors themselves.

Andrew Cuomo believes that NYC public hospitals are going through a serious stress trying to combat the virus. He also urged medical facilities to help and assist each other.

He said that hospitals need more resources. The statement was made at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which is now used as a field hospital.

Cuomo says that they will not be able to fight the coronavirus unless the state’s hospitals start cooperating. They do need to work as one body if they want to solve the issue as soon as possible.

He said that facilities that are not overloaded should admit patients from hospitals that are already overwhelmed. Public and private sectors should begin working together as one system. The load can and should be shared between the state’s medical facilities.

At present, the public sector is facing the worst situation. On Monday there were over 35,000 recorded cases of COVID-19 and almost 800 deaths. Brooklyn and Queens are the two boroughs where the stress is the hardest (over 11,000 patients and around 6,000 deaths). There are hundreds of people diagnosed with COVID-19. Their condition is severe and it is still getting worse.

Nurses are not equipped and need more with protective equipment. There is no way out and hospitals admit people without health insurance. They work with patients with complicating factors, too. NY hospitals are full of young people who need intensive care and older generation who cannot survive without intubation.

It is now quite common to see statistics on the number of medical staff that died of the COVID-19. Doctors understand all the risks they are going through since they work with severe COVID patients without being equipped and provided with the right amount of tools for personal protection against the coronavirus.

According to nurses and doctors, it feels as if NYC is the least safe place and you can feel COVID on you 24/7.

Not only is it impossible to help COVID patients, it is hardly possible to protect professionals either. The state needs much more staff to take care of patients.

After hours spent at work, doctors return home concerned about carrying the coronavirus while being surrounded by their family and friends. This by no means can help stop the disease from spreading across the country.

Medical equipment is becoming more and more precious and the saddest fact is that in the future most hospitals will have to decide about the ‘elite’ who will have access to the necessary tools like ventilators. Waiting rooms are overcrowded, patients are packed and made to wait for hours to be seen or treated.

Last week NBC News reported that the system is working non-stop to provide all patients with the care they expect.

Hospitals are committed to their mission to help all COVID patients receive adequate assistance in spite of their age, ability to pay or immigration status.