OKEx Contest for Traders

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OKEx is not new to holding a contest for traders. The cryptocurrency exchange decided to run a new competion between traders after previous successes. The recruitment process has already started on May 15. The contest will begin on May 29 (10 AM). The competition will end on June 12 (10 AM).

This competition shows how important it is for the cryptocurrency exchange to remain amongst the leaders in the crypto community and get new clients. At the same time, these kinds of events provide much-needed exposure to the new layer of traders and potentially expand the acceptability of crypto coins all over the world.

OKEx Contest for Traders

Competition details

The rules are pretty straightforward and designed to attract the best of the best. It is not only a chance to win a part of the prize fund (USDT 150,000) but a chance to make a name for yourself as a successful trader. You will get attention and possibly new followers on social media pages or clients. The exchange team will choose leaders among suggestions from social media nominations from other users and traders who signed up online by themselves. Your previous performance must be outstanding to be verified by the project team. They aim to choose crème de la crème as a team leader. But do not hesitate to join a team if you are just starting your trading journey. The chosen ones will lead their teams to the finishing line. They will be evaluated based on personal performance and team performance. OKEx will give opportunities to win small prizes along the way by completing mini-assignments.

You can participate in the competition by trading options or futures, spot/margin product, or perpetual swap.

The competition schedule is specified in the following picture.

OKEx Contest for Traders

The competition already gathered a lot of attention due to a high prize fund for a winning team - USDT 20,000.

Please note, that multiple account use is prohibited, the cryptocurrency exchange is not liable for advice of any team leader. Before joining consult OKEx website to make sure that your country of origin will not be an obstacle for participation.

How to become a part of a team?

The team leaders have a choice: to make joining feature available to everybody or to make it by invitation code only. You will need to get in touch with OKEx Help Center to change the type of your traders group. There are no restrictions on the team members' number. You can invite as many people as you would like. However, it is important to note that it is not possible to change teams after joining.

Social media referrals for team leaders

OKEx Contest for Traders

voice heard. Retweet the post of the cryptocurrency exchange CEO and specify who do you recommend in the comments below. The exchange team will look through the referrals and invite for participation the most suitable candidates. In the case of a successful recommendation, you will get a reward.

However, the NewsBlockchain team recommends making sure that you are eligible. You must be a user of this exchange, follow all social media platforms, and post only one recommendation.

Telegram - https://t.me/OKExOfficial_English

Twitter - https://twitter.com/OKEx

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