Personal Data Gives Birth to Digital Assets

Endy Callahan

Recently, mass media sources noted that an AI-blockchain platform may become a tool that the crypto industry will utilize to create digital assets from personal data. KNEO, according to engineers and technologists, is a new platform and it can serve as an effective instrument for edge AI devices via blockchain technology.

This will happen by creating networks that are secure and private – all of them will be able to gather data as digital assets.

Kneron is a well-known specialist who has gained plenty of experience while dealing with Artificial Intelligence. He has recently announced that the team is prepared to launch the newly developed platform.

Their innovation blends edge AI devices with blockchain technology which, when combined, creates perfectly secure and private personal systems and networks. The open platform can also create certain digital assets using personal information. It can easily be exchanged or, if need be, sold to the parties who are interested in purchasing them.

More than that, reporters have found out that sensors that connect the blockchain can create a private kind of network. KNEO, as experts announce, employs technology and connects a whole spectrum of edge AI sensors. Its system can connect stems like microphones, cameras, and even thermal sensors.

Experts remind that the term ‘edge’ refers to structures that generate algorithms locally instead of sending information for remote processing. Professionals understand that the platform does not need any internet connection – all information accumulated is encrypted and then stored on an individual private network.

Selling Custom Applications

Besides the mentioned nuances, many participants mention that there are marketplaces to sell custom applications. These areas can be used for selling collected data as well. The team has also presented an edge AI marketplace that encourages the community to start developing apps which can update, combine, or alter edge AI device to carry out specific operations.

Also, the developers report that possible use instances include monitoring health, energy consumption, and security. Finally, the marketplace will link consumers with corporations that are willing to purchase or employ their data in a form of a digital asset. Data will be exchanged for shopping, insurance, and consumption information that will be offered and sold to market specialists, researchers, numerous brands, and advertisers.

Specialists admit that there is nothing as important as education. That’s why the team is planning to form AI education in colleges and universities located all around the globe. People can begin making applications with the platform’s stem.AI has been around for many years. However, the most recent developments have faced a slew of many practical changes and improvements.

Combining blockchain and AI can be quite an efficient practice. This will create a secure network and open many doors to different spheres. Professionals agree that they need to make more efforts and spend more time doing research projects and experiments while trying to develop a network that can offer greater capabilities and useful features. How soon it will happen depends on the bright minds of the teams working with this technology.