Popular and Known People Suffering from COVID-19

Judy Rubio

We know that even the most popular people face problems and health issues. This year has been devastating for most of us. Celebrities are no exception – they have been suffering from COVID-19 as well. Not only were they not able to give concerts, act and perform on stages. They also got attacked by the disease and had to go through the coronavirus symptoms. Some famous people did not manage to survive and we will never see them again.

We follow our idols and want to know what is happening. Unfortunately, there are some who have experienced the worst of the new virus. For example, Tom Hanks and his spouse Rita Wilson. The couple suffered from the disease. The disturbing news about it quickly spread all across the globe. Luckily, the couple has survived, although since the virus outbreak there have been almost 300,000 deaths.

Hollywood stars as well as politicians had to fight the disease to recover from its consequences. The issue bothered athletes, too. The problems that the virus caused became the major reason why organizers had to cancel all special and important events. One of them is Met Gala. It is not yet clear when we will see the event again and for how long the authorities postponed it. The Cannes Film Festival may be held in mid-summer.

Besides Hanks, there are more stars we all respect and love who got infected. Prince Charles needed doctors’ assistance and the news about his test results soon reached the public. The same issue has also affected singer Pink and many other pop stars.

Last month Carmen Calvo reported that her test was positive. Her case was not very serious. It was relatively mild which allowed the woman to remain in quite good condition. Politicians such as Rand Paul and Abba Kyary have tested positive. He, undoubtedly, had to follow his doctor’s advice and take measures to treat the issue. The virus, as we all know, has affected all territories, countries and continents. Prince Albert II became the virus’ victim, although, according to the press, his condition was not too serious and he managed to stay active and continued his work from his royal palace.

Those Who Survived or Lost the Battle

COVID-19 makes presidents and ministers suffer. It turns them its victims. Bento Albuquerque became one of the members of the Brazilian government whose test was positive. There are more officials in Brazil who were diagnosed with the virus.

Friedrich Merz, who is 64 years old, tested positive a few weeks ago. He’s the person who organized a campaign to head one of the country’s unions.

In Poland the number of infected population is really high. The problem has affected the country’s environment minister Michal Wos. In the UK Boris Johnson, the prime minister, became the virus’ victim. The 55-year-old politician tested positive for COVID-19 and had to consult professionals. His condition was very serious hence the prime minister was taken to the intensive care unit.

Idris Elba, the famous British actor and musician, developed the COVID-19 symptoms and decided that the best way to stay safe is to isolate himself from other people. He kept in touch with his fans and said he was feeling quite good.

It was sad to hear that Placido Domingo tested positive for the virus and had to isolate himself in order to recover and restore.

The number of celebrities who didn’t manage to survive and died is rather high. The list included officials, leaders, athletes and other well-known personalities. Some of them are Haydar Bas, Steven Dick, and Floyd Cardoz. Also, Manu Dibango, the jazz legend died at 86. Another death is of Antonio Vieira Monteiro, who ran the largest bank in Spain. Ken Shimura’s death schocked his fans in Japan. The comedian died of the coronavirus at the end of March. Heherson Alvarez, who is a known activist, did not survived after his combat – the coronavirus took his life on April 20.