Predictions and Most Unbelievable Expectations

David Kemp

There are many leading specialists who remain skeptical. They criticize cryptocurrencies and call some coins ‘worthless’. McAffee is one of those who deeply analyses the crypto market and draws conclusions after thorough studies and surveys.

According to him, he never thought that the top-ranked cryptocurrency would ever manage to hit one million USD. This is what he announces in his recent tweet and takes us back to his previous prognosis.

Three years ago, as we now can remember, John believed that the crypto would step over the five-hundred-thousand-USD level in the upcoming three years. Nowadays, the asset is hovering around nine thousand one hundred and thirty USD. Analysts witness that its price should rise by over five thousand percent to meet John’s quite impressive predictions.

All in all, the crypto quite definitely has approached nowhere near five hundred thousand USD. However, McAfee is currently trying to get out of it and trackback from his one million USD per Bitcoin prognosis. A year ago, he was sure that the crypto would go to one million USD. He mentioned the negativity surrounding the entire crypto market. Then, he suddenly admitted he never thought that the crypto would hit one million USD. According to him, this idea sounds absurd. He also added that BTC is worthless and old as a coin. 

The crypto community saw that the price fell from nearly thirteen thousand nine hundred USD to nine thousand one hundred USD.

The drop of thirty-four percent occurred within twelve months and now McAfee does not feel confident about his precast. He says that people should not pay too much attention to weekly fluctuations. In his messages, John reminds us that he still trusts that the crypto would hit the predicted figure in the nearest six months. Also, coins like Apollo and MTC will increase ten times.

Contradictive Expectations over the Crypto

Specialists think that McAfee is referring to the end of this year as the prognosis date for five hundred thousand USD. When several participants asked him about this issue, John referred them to It’s a website that claims McAfee made a drastic bet.

The man reaffirmed that his belief in BTC is strong enough and that the five hundred thousand USD level is what he expects to see soon. Many specialists and researchers feel sarcastic about John’s predictions and his bet. Biting off his dick if the crypto does not approach half a million USD would be a painful experience for McAfee and not less unpleasant for those who fully trusted his opinion.

McAfee might have been right about some certain facts in the past. This, nevertheless, does not make him a guru, and people who fully trust his predictions may face total disappointment. One should be careful while making promises or forecasting the most significant future events. In some instances, they never come true due to many circumstances. Right now, the situation for the crypto is relatively stable. However, the price is far from that promised and predicted by McAfee.

It would be too unreasonable for BTC holders to trust analysts’ opinions even if they have gained plenty of experience while working in the crypto market. Having your own strategy and tactics is what a user needs to succeed. The crypto industry involves many sectors and one should be well aware of this fact while striving to achieve greater goals.