Professionals Explore Quantum Cryptography

Colin Baseman

Experts that are researching quantum cryptography are still trying to foresee and predict the future of this innovative technology. Many do not fully realize the potential this industry has and all the opportunities it offers to the crypto community. Professionals need to explore more of its practical implications and the ways in which all this can change the current flow of things.

Recently the press was excited to inform the public about the latest experiment carried out by a number of Chinese scientists – the team succeeded in exchanging a crypto key at a distance of more than one thousand kilometers. The most curious members think that what the group has discovered and invented may lead to cryptography that is completely hacker proof.

Transferring an encryption key at a distance of over one thousand kilometers sounds quite challenging and reminds of an episode from a sci-fi movie. However, this is no longer myth but reality – nowadays what used to be just a dream is a real practice that will soon spread all across the planet.

Some time ago the same research group tried to exchange an encryption key and back then the distance was one hundred and twenty meters shorter. Now the main question is how the entire crypto community could apply this sort of modern technology and whether it has practical implications. The very first idea that pops up in our minds is that quantum cryptography can make our personal information much better protected and then we will live in a safer and more secure environment.

Cryptography Can Guard and Protect People 

Hacker proof technologies do not exist yet, but this may change in the nearest future thanks to the effort made by hundreds of specialists who take part in the research projects and experiments. Not too many people have heard of quantum computers. Luckily, some of the most advanced laboratories are working in that direction and keep developing new instruments.

The latest test was required to make sure that it is possible to exchange encrypted information and then decrypt it. If everything goes well, the industry can hope that users will be able to authorize transactions not only inside of the Internet but also outside of it.

Humanity expects crypto professionals to teach the entire population more about its practical purposes and all possible implications for the industry. People who have been dealing with this matter for over forty years can fully understand how important the latest achievement is. Professors believe that quantum cryptology will become exceptionally practical. Even thirty years ago the very idea boggled many specialists’ minds – now we see it has entered our life at last.

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Critics remain doubtful and claim that this technology will need another decade to fully evolve to be used in real life. Humanity might need to stay patient and wait before quantum computers become widely available. Some of them sound quite pessimistic and say that this may never happen. Both those who remain optimistic and those who are less enthusiastic have their reasons and can readily explain why quantum cryptography may or may not change the industry.

The majority of experts find this innovation too expensive at the moment, which makes it less practical and unavailable to the public.

There is another way to safely distribute encrypted keys and this approach is significantly cheaper. The price matters a lot. However, whichever innovation we consider, it was once unavailable and costly. With time, it gradually becomes cheaper and affordable for people.