Ransomware Attack Successfully Prevented

Judy Rubio

Cybercrime is not a new phenomenon and this issue has been bothering the crypto community since the very first days of its existence. Luckily, engineers and IT specialists do not want to give up and continue the battle. New tools and instruments appear – they help protect the entire crypto world from possible illegal activities practiced by cybercriminals.

Some leading mass media sources are excited to announce that the ransomware gang didn’t manage to deploy an attack against thirty firms located in the USA. WastedLocker was successfully blocked on time. That was performed right after an early alert. The cybercriminals were detected and stopped by a cybersecurity firm.

Symantec is the company that urgently blocked a ransomware attack. As they say, that was a group that has been demanding payment in the cryptocurrency. Their target included thirty companies located in the USA and several other firms that are found in Fortune 500 lists.

The official representatives of the cybersecurity company announced that the group of attackers tried to attack the IT infrastructures of the businesses. Nevertheless, the owners received alerts on time and managed to prevent deployment of the ransomware. The gang applied the malware known as WastedLocker in its attempts to break the safety of the company’s networks. Luckily, their attempts were vain.

Figure 1. Example of Targeted Attack Cloud Analytics alert received by Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) customers, warning them of early stage WastedLocker activity on their networks

Attackers Demand Huge Payments

Specialists claim that the criminals were asking for payments of millions of U.S. dollars. Fox-It is another cybersecurity company that carries out studies and warns about the return of the group and its illegal activities. After a relatively short period of inactivity, the gang seems to be ready to continue their work.

What the gang is doing is well known to the crypto industry and its participants. In short, the attackers are demanding their victims to pay millions of dollars through ransom payments. As a rule, they ask to do that utilizing cryptocurrencies and their favorite is Bitcoin. There is evidence that the gang has been attempting to demand a total of ten million USD from a certain number of American firms that recently suffered multiple attacks.

Symantec’s team was first to detect the very early stages of malware attacks. Its members relied on the advanced approach allowing them to notice signs of activities related to the latest targeted attacks. The cybercriminals attacked thirty-one companies. There was a subsidiary of a foreign multinational corporation. According to the official reports, it is not easy to identify the exact victims. However, they say that the manufacturing sector suffered more than any other industry since that was the attackers’ main interest.

Thanks to the measures taken by the cybersecurity team, attacks were prevented which helped people to avoid horrifying damages that their supply chains could have faced. Professionals realize how risky downtime and domino effect might be – they do not let the infrastructure function well and cause too much trouble to various businesses.

More than that, the press admits that this is not the first time this sort of problem has occurred in the market, so the names of the gang members are known to the authorities and have been revealed to the public. There is not much an individual can do to prevent attacks. The main point is to stay aware of the issue and rely on the most advanced technologies that can make you feel safe and secure.