Reduced Child Labor Thanks to a Startup

Endy Callahan

Africa is a huge continent consisting of dozens of countries. Unfortunately, the majority of them are going through harsh times and suffering from economic crises. Wars and revolutions have also influenced the entire situation and nowadays millions of African families strive to survive. Since the number of children is very high, many parents do not mind their kids working for various employers who pay them minimum wages and make children accomplish risky and dangerous tasks.

According to laws, child labor is an illegal activity, and governments must take care of the issues and prevent them before they occur. Unfortunately, people find many ways to employ children and the number of working kids is steadily growing. Even though the situation seems to be complicated, people across the globe do not give up on fighting this problem.

Recently, the mass media outlets informed that a blockchain startup is ready to support car manufacturers in their attempt to control the raw materials they receive, their original sources, and how all those products are manufactured. They wish to make sure that the manufacturing processes do not involve children.

Volvo in collaboration with Circulor has lately agreed to do all possible to reduce child labor in the African continent. Experts believe that this is a great step and brands like Ford, GM, and Tesla are some of the companies that need to participate in the project.

Reputation is of utmost importance to such giants and if they start fighting with injustice, it will help the public reconsider their previous views and attitude – the startup will definitely reveal the truth that the world needs to find out since crimes of this kind must not be ignored.

Verification of Raw Materials Reveals the Truth

As we know, Volvo spent more than a year on Circulor’s platform while testing it. The carmaker needed the team to help it verify the origins of certain materials like cobalt – this component is used in the brand’s batteries and executives decided to make sure that the products they receive are of the highest quality and that the provider does not break laws and rules during production.

Experts admit that in some instances raw materials might not always be ethically sourced. Another element that the company wants to track is mica – this material is used by manufacturers for insulation. Carmakers purchase mica from Russia. However, some choose to buy this material from Madagascar since the price for this mineral is lower in this republic.

There are several reasons why manufacturers give preference to this or that country and costs play an important role. Some countries sell their products at much lower prices and this is what attracts many customers. Unfortunately, only a few producers want to know the real reasons why prices may vary from country to country.

In fact, one of the most common reasons is child labor. It costs less and this is why providers of raw materials can sometimes offer buyers great deals. Responsible car manufacturers cannot ignore such things or put up with child labor and prefer to resolve the issue rather than get involved in it and be part of the problem.

Circulor needs investments to be able to improve its algorithms the team applies while learning machines. The developers are trying to teach and program it in a way that will help the brand to distinguish between adults and children. Afterward, the team will utilize aerial imagery to see whether a firm employs children. According to statistics, mining operations oftentimes involve child labor.