Saipan May Be a Safe Place for Crypto YouTubers

Colin Baseman

The Internet gives many opportunities. One such opportunity is YouTube – that’s the most popular platform for those who wish to express themselves and share their views on life. Some YouTubers are quite influential and have thousands of followers and fans across the globe. The mass media keep track of famous people’s lives and report about the latest events. This month many have found out that Vin Armani decided to move to Saipan and did it last month. The man disappeared, explained his reasons, and told that he wouldn’t like to be a ‘stranger’ to the continental US.

Armani is quite a famous personality and many may criticize him for his activities. His choices are controversial sometimes, but we know him not only as an ex-star of the famous TV show. He is also a crypto YouTuber. His recent move to an island was unexpected, but, according to Vin, that was his way to escape the tyranny ruling the country during the coronavirus. From now on his family will live on one of the Pacific islands surrounded by the water, in a peaceful and quiet place.

Experts say they think that Armani made a smart decision because he wasn’t a desirable citizen in California and needed some change in his life. Vin is sure that the government is using the pandemic as a shield to apply restrictive measures on the US society.

Armani is an active Twitter user. Recently he posted a note where he says what he thinks about the latest events and the entire situation. He tried to predict the future since he feels that what is happening in the country is not normal at all.

Vin has a family consisting of his wife and two kids who support him. Now they live in the northern part of the Mariana Islands. The family was lucky to be able to escape right before the virus restrictions came into power. Saipan is not densely populated – there’re fifty-two thousand people in the area. His living place is not far from the beach. Thanks to supporters from the crypto community, Vin feels safe and secure having escaped from California.

Staying away from the US

Armani is involved with cryptocurrency and that became one of the reasons why he moved. He posted another notice where he tells that being away from the continental US makes him feel safer and more secure in every aspect. He is happy to live in a place where there is no military control or national presence and supervision. The local police do not apply much pressure, either.

Long before Vin left California, he had made a few predictions about the authorities’ readiness to isolate the population. He mentioned biological markers and how the government uses them to keep the nation healthy and clean.

Armani fears that the totalitarian measures that the officials use take his freedoms away. He is against them and does not want to be traced or controlled by the authorities. Also, he explained how the police and military use the most advanced technologies to make people obey the new laws and rules, make them helpless and weak. He believes that nowadays the government is manipulating people’s minds.

Vin Armani might have been right about the things he posted on his Twitter. Whether this is just a coincidence or that was his logical assumption is hard to tell. However, he doesn’t regret having escaped from his past life and the place where he had lived for a long time. Vin keeps in touch with his fans and shares his experience and ideas. What is now occurring across the country makes him feel upset and disappointed. He warns people about the possible attempts of the authorities to keep issuing new rules and limitations that won’t let the country’s population feel free and independent again.