Secret Transfer of BTC to Russia

Endy Callahan

Jan Marsalek, who is known to many crypto participants as the chief operating officer working for Wirecard, is said to use cryptocurrency to transfer his funds from Dubai to Russia. Another fact that numerous local and foreign media sources report is that the executive is currently hiding near Moscow.

Severalreports claim that it became clear yesterday that the executive has access to his transferred fund and uses it while escaping from the local authorities. As crypto analysts say, the man is presently located in a private house. The place is not far from the capital city and his territory is supervised by the country’s special services.

People who have access to documents suggest that the officer might have established links and contacts with government operators based in Russia. According to the latest reports, the man held confidential materials and secret information. Besides, he bragged of being in touch with intelligence services. All this may have helped him to gain popularity and respect among dozens of London traders.

Officials claim that more than two billion USD are now missing from Wirecard and this scandalous event involves Marsalek. Journalists say that they first found out about it almost three weeks ago. Last month, auditors from Big Four found more than two billion USD missing. These losses were identified by the accounting company while auditing and checking out the company’s books.

Previously, Marsalek vanished a few days after a trip abroad to track down the missing money. On the other hand, there’re sources that suggest that Russian security services are very likely to have assisted the officer in forging documents proving that the man crossed the border.

Missing Money Leads to Arrests

News of the missing money could be the main reason that led the company to file for insolvency. They also initiated the arrest of Markus Braun, the company’s CEO working in Germany. As several news agencies previously announced, the firm was responsible for the management of several most significant debit cards powered by crypto.

Of course, its demise could have been interpreted as a potential blow to the entire crypto industry. As we now know, affected crypto cards include those that were issued by companies such as TenX as well as Nevertheless, not long after the initial suspension, the system reactivated several European crypto cards that were managed by Wirecard. The permission to perform this was obtained from the Financial Conduct Authority located in Great Britain.

The case is extraordinary and police officers are still to investigate this matter. It is not yet clear what measures the governments will take to resolve the issues. Also, authorities in both Russia and Dubai will have to collaborate to find the real reasons why the escape became possible and what other people might have been involved in all this. What happened a few days ago seems to shock the whole of the crypto community since participants can never be prepared to hear this kind of news.

Unfortunately, such cases are not rare and they occur quite often. Officials admit that they need to stay more alert and cautious since suspicious activities that some individual practice may cause too much trouble to the public. Mass media outlets say they will keep track of the matter and will continue to inform the society about the latest events related to this issue.