Senate Considers Tech Development

Colin Baseman

Doing research and analysis of the recent events is a rewarding practice that helps us all to better understand what sort of tech developments and innovations have entered some of the major industries and reshaped their structure.

According to the mass media outlets, the committee related to economic policyarranged a hearing. As officials state, the main task was to discuss the role of innovation and see what kind of new opportunities it can provide to the most modern and progressive part of our society.

CBDC is something that has been of great interest to many authorities and now it’s the right time to consider the development of this sector since it’s critical if we are talking about the rising tension with China.

Experts mention the recent indictment from the Department of Justice that came right before the mentioned hearing. Several hackers, as the documents state, were accused of helping the Chinese authorities to spy on the market and steal confidential information from companies based in the USA. They also rumbled many dissidents in regions like Hong Kong.

Market specialists agree that CBDC might be considered as a zone of great competition. Many officials testify on the decline that has affected the infrastructure of the USA and this problem includes payments as well. The Digital Dollar Project is another proof and evidence that someone needs to advocate for the central bank digital currency of the USA. This is what the industry needs to maintain the economic well-being, stability, and standing of the entire population. Professionals continue some of their points from a conference before the whole Banking Committee that occurred three weeks ago.

Extensive Talks about the Advantages

News agencies report that today’s hearing allowed many experts to speak more extensively and cover several topics related to the benefits of DLT. This appeared to be quite useful and efficient and involved several representatives from other sectors, the Digital Dollar Project included. Documents state that the DLT network shall operate thanks to a permissioned network that is fully autonomous. It will ensure integrity as well as the validity of all kinds of transactions.

The verification of these operations will rest on the full history or lineage of the token. The former elements come from original issuance so that it would be possible to attest them and make sure that they are genuine. Such measures eliminate double spending of the assets. At the same time, it’s important to discuss the innovation economy and reconsider the balance of power.

There are several critical points of the innovation economy of the USA and all of them provide a competitive advantage. Also, officials discussed the protection of intellectual property. It’s obvious that the country’s patent system that the Chinese authorities are not able to offer – there, investors and entrepreneurs have different options and fewer alternatives.

There are clear distinctions between corporations owned by the state and private businesses and this is something that the government should not take at face value. Fortunately, the very first steps have already been taken by the representatives. Now, the most important point is to keep on developing the project and let it change the current infrastructure.